Recorded sequence "relative" playing

Sequencer has a “data set”, I recorded earlier.
I would like this sequence not to be played at the “original pitch”, but the incoming midinote to adjust the pitch and play the rest “relative” to it. Like an arp.
I’m a beginner in synthesizer, Digitone and Blofled are the first synthesizers for me, a lot of things aren’t clear yet what “can” or not.

Some sequencers do allow this but unfortunately the Digitone does not have this feature (yet??).

Thank You!

Useful feature for next update. :slight_smile:

Does Digitakt know this feature?

I don’t think so. The Analog 4 can sort of do this because you can use the keyboard to set the transposition but, as far as I remember, even on the A4 you cannot transpose a running sequence by inputting MIDI notes.

In what way would you like to utilize this. You want to “play” the sequence with a midi keyboard?

You could look into the Minilogue XD which has this function after the latest update. It lets you trigger the sequence with a key or midi note. Super fun to use this feature with the awesome sequencer of a Elektron device. Can get really crazy with the probability.

Monomachine does this very well. One of my favourite features of the MnM

This is definitely a very good stuff, but not very important to me. I’m trying arp. :slight_smile:

You could transpose the sequencer of the digitone on the Digitone itself. Perhaps that works.