Record MIDI steps with external MIDI keyboard


I don’t understand.

Audio tracks chromatical notes are C5-C7.
You can use the Auto Channel, or the midi channel of the track.


I’ll guess you have miss-interpreted the Note Mappings table in the manual. The listed values are just notes, not CCs.

The thing with the Octatrack is: its audio channels can only play a small range of notes (2 octaves), because it cannot pitch up or down a sample further. So every other note you send to one of its audio tracks will not produce a sound.

To utilize these otherwise unused notes Elektron has bound them to functions like sequencer start/stop etc.pp. Which note is mapped to which function can be seen from the Note Mapping table in the manual.

IMHO that’s a really great way to re-purpose these unused notes, because you don’t need to set up external controller buttons to send CCs, but just press notes on a keyboard.


Is it possible to not use these unused notes ? So when playing midi keyboard I only play notes and not start stop seq. ?


Nope. You can split your keyboard if possible, use a midi processor to filter notes, or buy a 2 octave keyboard, or use this :


Found a less painfull method ! Thanks to Kenny Zhao


-Midi control -Audio Note in -Audio Cc in


Thatll turns off the chromatic notes too. In that video he goes on just to use the midi side.

A switch that restricts audio tracks to receiving only the chromatic notes would be great


I also use midi guitar now and then and then I def have to go through a bunch of iOS apps to filter/transpose because it’s pretty inprossible to avoid triggering some of those command notes. mousetraps won’t help!


I too am often (very often) annoyed by this note command feature. A switch would be a great improvement, but CC59 should be able to work even with the switch flipped