Record M:S MIDI into Ableton

Don’t use a lot of DAW so apologies in advance if this is a simple solution or has been covered before

Having difficulty with Midi In/Out of Ableton for the Model: Samples, and of course can’t tell if it’s my end of Ableton or a setting on the MS.

Would simply like to play a pattern on the MS and have Ableton read and record all of the MIDI notes so they can be tweaked, copied, edited, and manipulated in the DAW, etc.

I seem to be able to have the MS controlled from Ableton, so I can use a keyboard/mouse and trigger the MS to play sounds, start patterns, and do what I want from Ableton —> MS

Can’t seem to get Ableton to pick up midi notes from the MS. Can pick up audio just fine.

I have other exterior hardware (a synth) working with ableton and midi/audio going back and forth no problem.

Help me Obi-Elektron-Kenobi, you’re my only hope

I don’t have an m:s but I would assume it functions like all the othe elektron boxes in that the audio sequencer does not output midi data from its sequences.


Another silly question, but why would this not be a thing? Aren’t there thousands of people who want to hook up these boxes to a DAW or something to output their sequences?

It’s something like, The internal audio sequence doesn’t run on midi but elektrons own protocol so technically there is no midi data to spit out.

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Well that is depressing, I was really liking the feel of sequencing on this thing and wanted to be able to fine tune a bit more on a big monitor :frowning:

Looks like you can go into the menu for each of the 6 tracks individually and select output to midi and pick the starting note, so this might work. T1 on C5 T2 on D5, whatever you wish to use. Seems awfully labor intensive to have to go to each of the 6 tracks and then pick midi notes that are far enough apart to catch them all if you have anything chromatic going on. Hmmm.