Record 'drum trigs' in Multimap mode?

On digitone I think multimap can only be heard while in the menu.
It’s not a way of sequencing it internally as a drum machine , though this can be done via sound locks.
It does seem focused on use with external midi / sequencing but i’m Still looking through it.
Hopefully someone can do a digitone specific multimap vid soon but the analog4 one should also help , one was done by loopop on yt.

Maybe it works when you record it on DN’s midi tracks and then feed it via midi out back into the midi in (midi loop)?

Ah balls!

And I was all set to sell my BSP. I guess it stays.

Not record the midimap soundlocks? Hm… But I guess it should do that.
Don’t know if I’m wrong, but on the AK it works this way.

i assumed it worked on analog keys (and digitone keys) because of the way they have proper midi keyboards instead of buttons.
but i havent delved into it much.

if i want to do drums i do it the simple way with sound locks on steps though i appreciate its only ever going to be 4 different noises at a time if i use 4 tracks.

havent tried but i would be surprised if that works on the a4

I just tried this and was extremely disappointed. It only works while looking at the menu? Sure, I’ll just live record while in the menu. Except that just doesn’t work somehow???

Can you record the multimap sound locks if you use an external controller? Could someone check this? I have a pad controller I can plug in when using the digitone for drums, but I’m not staying at my place tonight and don’t have my full studio, just the digitone and headphones.

I prefer to live record first and edit later and really, really don’t want to enter drum sound locks by scroling to them in a menu. That feels like the opposite of musical, free form interaction.

Otherwise the digitone I brought two days ago has been great and the recent 1.2 update features are awesome. Generally when I try feature 1 + feature 2, it Just Works. This was a painful exception to that.

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The manual states it only works when in the menu , and I’ve only seen video examples of it being used when driven by an external sequencer / digitakt keys (which I presume work differently to the 16 step buttons being used to input key trigs) , my initial hope was that I could sequence it using internal track but I don’t think that is the case .

I think it’s also the case that it also works like this on analog keys and not analog 4.
It could possibly be done via midi loop back but that can have issues with start/stop midi messages.

But I could be very wrong as I’ve barely touched it , I’ve messed with it and watched a few videos.

Checked it with my pad controller. You can play the multimap without being at the multimap menu, which is pretty nice. It works great for using the digitone as a drum machine for finger drumming?

But you can’t live record it. With how I had it set up, hitting pads on the controller would play back the multimap sounds while recording, then not record sound locks. The underlying midi note got recorded, with that track’s sound playing on the trigs. I was hoping that when I hit a pad to trigger a multimap using ‘sound slot note inc’, I’d be able to record the sounds I can now play.

When I considered taking those trigs and sound locking each one, it’s just ugh. It’s slow. It feels like I should be able to record it.

I’ve posted about it in the feature request thread. Maybe we’ll see it in a future update.

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The way to think of the Multimap functionallity is that it is a layer of (mainly physical) control on top of the four tracks. The active track is still the one that that the knobs control. Its also the track that is active for sequencer recording. The sequencer still has only four tracks. What you are thinking of is that the Multimap mode would have its own sequencer track, but it dont… However the Multimode has its own MIDI channel and can always be accessed on that channel regardless if the Multimap mode is switched on/accessed by being in the menu, or not. Sooooo you can actually control it with the sequencer from a MIDI-track physically connected from MIDI out to in :slight_smile: Just be aware of possible MIDI feedback issues.


I really wanted to get this to work, so I’m trying out midi loopback. And I have it pretty much working! I can hit the trig buttons, play 12 different sounds from the sound pool, and live-record that (to a midi track).

Set up my multimap like this, plugged in the cable for midi loopback, then added a bunch of drum sounds to my sound pool:


It’s important to have the track in your multimap entry set to something other than ‘auto’, or you’ll get midi feedback issues. But whichever track you select in the multimap, it records onto that track as well when recording onto a midi track – trigs are recorded for that track’s sound at the same time.

So yeah. If you can give one of your four synth tracks to multimap and clear it’s trigs after recording or have it muted or something, then it works great. Working with drums on the digitone just got much easier, because you can now live record them. Just need a midi cable for loopback, correct multimap setup, and to do your sequencing on a midi track.

EDIT: guess elektron saw this, or my begging in the feature request thread, because you can now in 1.21 live record trigs in multimap mode. great for drum programming, as I hoped :slight_smile:


Old thread but I really love to use this “feature”. You can even control pitch, mod wheel, aftertouch… of your patches when the multimap channel is the same as the track destination of the multimap range.
But thats only 4 knobs across 4 tracks so 1 by track…
It would be so cool if we could actually use the 4 knobs independantly, as if for instance the pitch bend data was understood by the multimap trigs (by note) : you could use the 4 midi tracks to control 4 patches with 4 macros each, perfect for drums on top of your other audio tracks
Just annoying that multimap trigs are recorded on destination track as you cannot really use 1 of the 4 audio tracks at the end

Giving this a try as had not used it ages… super cool you can live record the multi map sounds into the sequencer but it doesn’t seem possible to hold a trig and press a note to lock it :sweat_smile:
Trying to achieve the same type of workflow as the new trig mode on the Octatrack…

cool, thanks for this midi loopback multimap trick!

I use it with PAT.PLAY & conditional locks (6:8,…) on the midi note that trigger the next pattern

and so it’s like a cheap song mode, like a way to save pattern chaining,

I suppose it’s possible to use the midi lfo’s too as 3th lfo for the audio tracks too

On digitone keys, you can just record it in, i have only tried in real time record though, but if you set up different sounds on the keys you can definitely hit record and record the different sounds into the sequencer…
Maybe a good reason to have the keys then…
That sucks you have to loop midi for it to work on the regular digitone…

That’s a great idea!! I wonder, couldn’t you just make the sequence really long with the time devisions, like as long as a song, then record the pattern trigs in real time? I’m not able to check right now, I’m at work… But it seems like you could. I know it won’t let you play two patterns at once because i tried.

Could you explain how this works? I can record multimap soundpool sounds into the sequencer, but i can’t record pattern start events… How are you doing that?

I’m not sure if it’s possible in live recording mode, I use it with grid recording mode.

and it’s possible without automap, as the DT receive pattern trig on channel 16

for example on pattern 1 you set a midi track to channel 16 and put a note trig D-2 (it correspond to pattern 2) with a conditional lock of 6:8 (so it will repeat the pt.1 6 times before triggering the pt.2) and then in pt.2 you can put a midi note E-2 (pattern4) with a conditional lock of 2:8 (so it will repeat the pt.2 2 times before triggering the pt.4) and so on
it’s like follow action on ableton or chains saving

and you can do the same with automap and PAT.PLAY so it give you more setup possibilities, and for using this midi track to trig other things than just patterns

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Man your really smart to think up this!! That’s really incredible! Thanks, makes sense.

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