Record arm'd with Live sync?

heyyyyyyy y’all. just got an A4 in and a Rytm hits tomorrow (the sexy new black ones! WOOT.), something i’ve never been able to figure out with Elektron boxes - how do i have it set to start recording MIDI in when i hit play from a DAW?

i’m using Live 10, sometimes i like to send a MIDI pattern on to an Elektron box and have it record in time or start the Elektron sequencer recording as i hit play in Live to record live played MIDI.

lol. i’m sure it’s something stupid i’m missing. boop?


maybe this solve it:

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I could start live recording with an external PLAY message using PREROLL :

Set a long PREROLL (up to 16 bars)
Press Rec + Play, then send PLAY to A4.

hurrrrrrrm. yes. that makes sense. it’s not the PERFECT solution, but that’s a method.

it’s not HORRIBLE the way i do it, i start the sequence from Live or whatever, then hold Record and hit Play, it starts recording and i wait till the sequence rolls around to the beginning. just would be neat to be able to cue it from the Elektron box, then when it receives a Play from Live it starts record enabled.