Record Ableton audio into Analog 4 for FX

Can anyone advise how I can send my drums from an ableton track into my A4 to add FX and filter then record that back in Ableton?

I have only 2 XLR cables atm and have one OUT of UAD Arrow and EXT IN of A4 and one OUT of A4 into IN on UAD Arrow.

Any help appreciated.

Bump-id like to know more about how this works too….

I think if you select your input as a source in OSC 1, and make a long sustained note, you should run the input through the filters and overdrive circuits.

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You can use the Overbridge plugin’s internal audio routing options (next to keyboard icon) within Live using just the usb cable. It can be a bit fiddly to set up (esp. if you want stereo processing) but it’s cool once working.

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Yeah tried this. Still cant get it to work.
The drums from ableton are not going into A4??

I managed to do it.

See below link