Recommended audio interface for AR mkii multitrack


What audio interface do you recommend for multitracking into ableton or any other daw? Im currently runnin an imac 2015 with ableton 10. I do realize overbridge has the multitracking feature, but not for the mkii yet


rme fireface 400


Something with at least 10 analog inputs (for Rytms 8 voices plus stereo fx returns out the L/R)
A&H Qu-Pac did the job for me when I owned one.


I bought a used zed 24 best thing I’ve ever purchased 16 track recoding :alien::black_heart:


May I ask what mixer do you use now? I’m thinking about getting a qu 16 but it’s quite expensive.

I have a rytm mk2 and I’m planning to get a Moog DFAM and an eventide H9 max. My old soundcard doesn’t work anymore so I’m looking for a mixer with a built in interface that allows multitrack recording in ableton.

I read on the internet that the soundcraft signature MTK series is fraught with problems like volume and muting issues so I’m not going to opt for that.


Just the internal, web app based mixer on my MOTU Ultralite MK4.
I have a few scenes/setups loaded that are “set and forget”.
Sold the Qu earlier this month after downsizing and not needing as many inputs.


I’ve been using an RME Digiface USB with Ferrofish Pulse 16 for AD conversion. Came out as the most economical purchase for tracking 10 tracks out the Rytm and I’ve got another 6 input channels available for my other devices. If i need more channels (up to 32) I can just add another AD converter. Really easy to set up both devices and they have both performed flawlessly from day one. Plus they sound great. RME’s Total Mix software is super flexible for routing tracks out to hardware and back into the converter and/or onto the DAW. I use an ERM multiclock for sample accurate clocking when tracking into the DAW. Also helpful if I want to offset the Rytm’s clock to mitigate for audio latency when monitoring in the DAW with effects on.

Might rethink it all when Overbridge is live but this is working perfectly for me now and is super flexible whether I’m tracking jamming with the DAW in play. Also easy to build on as my setup expands.



Nice one, and yea, looking forward to what overbridge will offer …


zed series doesn’t do multi track recording though?


Behringer Xenyx ufx1204 / ufx1604 - multitrack soundcard + usb drive recording, awesome for the price if you can handle the fact that it’s from Behringer




R-16 does 16 tracks


Oh, I missed that. Nice, seems out of manufacturing and extremely expensive though.

I would go for Qu series if I had that kind of budget.

Zed 24 only does stereo mixing though, right? I mean I was excited because if Zed 24 had that, I’d buy in a snap :slight_smile:


Not trying to attack you as you did awnser OP’s question, but recording through that is not a good idea if OP want’s transparent audio. Best to invest in a higher end(but still relatively entry level) interface like UAD or RME and add a 8 ch preamp over ADAT.