Recommendations for budget mixer?

this looks nice and cheap, would probably do for me. funnily enough, i was starting to look at something similar (2-4channels) to help get the Blofeld and the AR into the MM :slight_smile: without too much of an effort

If you just want to mix a few things to go into another Elektron box, I’d look at Mackie Mix8 or Mix5.
I use a Mix5 to get a few things into an Analog Rytm and it works great. Fits into my case with 3 Elektrons.

They’re a bit smaller than the Peavey too. Of course, lack of faders makes things more compact.

this is nice as well, and compact. it would fit better than the peavy one…i’m looking for something that can be battery powered as well (although not a must but would help save a power plug), anything out there? :confused:

While I empathize with people losing chunk money when selling used mixers, as a buyer this helps my case greatly;)

They look compact alright. What do you run into your AR, if you don’t mind me asking?

[quote="" Martinukai""]

They look compact alright. What do you run into your AR, if you don’t mind me asking?[/quote]

MonoMachine goes into Analog Four for FX, and that goes to Mix5 along with TB-3 and Volca Sample.
Mix5 goes into Rytm for master compression.

I get it now, thanks.
I reckon I’ll want similar rerouting. I’ll hope to send the signals of my MM, MD and Dark Energy back into the thru channels of the OT (post mixer) so as to use the ‘transition trick’ properly.
Although this might defeat the purpose of the mixer somewhat I’ll certainly want one for balancing things up for later recording.

Thanks all who have posted for the many great tips!

Narrowed it down to two used locally.

My preference is for the older Mackie as I just don’t have a good feeling about the alesis for some reason. I have an interface so I have no real need for firewire recording really.

Any thoughts by people who have used/encountered either?



Thanks in advance!

we use that mackie in our band-rehearsel room. never had any problem. got the 1202-vlz here at home
as a submixer. i can recommend both as a “simple” mixer.

we use that mackie in our band-rehearsel room. never had any problem. got the 1202-vlz here at home
as a submixer. i can recommend both as a “simple” mixer. [/quote]
Cheers, hereIamhere75.
No frills is what I’m after really as I’m only hooking up 4/5 machines.
Appreciate your viewpoint.

1402 is a workhorse for sure. Will retain its value more, I reckon.

Yeah, I’m quite drawn to it. Maybe it’ll have a more unique sound too. I’ve made an offer for both so I’ll see who gets back.

Thanks guys.

Went for a Yamaha mg124cx in the end.

Too tired to test it out fully now but I reckon it’s got everything I need.

Many thanks for all your help!

Good one! The compressors really aren’t too bad on that. Great for tightening up the low end and getting the snares and claps nice and snappy. Those 80hz HPF filters on the mono channels make handy bass kills live, as well.

Have fun with it!

Cheers Adam.

It was the (one knob) compressors that drew me to it actually.

Looking forward to having fun tweaking some actual faders for a while… as opposed to pots on OT:)

They help!
I had a promoter provide one for me for a gig once. Ran my Kick, Bass, Snare, Clap into 1,2,3,4 respectively. The compressors did the trick in a live setting.

I was a little disappointed at first because I requested a mixer with mix inserts, but I ended up just bussing everything to the 1-2 group out with group outputs feeding my stereo compressor/exciter, and then back into a stereo channel, with that stereo channel bussed to ST for monitor and main outs. Got around the lack of mix inserts, and only cost the loss of a stereo channel.

Nice workaround:)
I realize that by having to re-read that a few times that I need to work on my signal flow;) Have an exam on it coming up.
I’ll spend tomorrow trying to figure out a way (if any) to use a mixer and still be able to use the transition trick somewhat on OT. Must order more patch cables.

My first time using studio mode. I discovered that by working this way I can assign a mixer fader for the OT sample tracks too.

I assigned all OT sample tracks to go out the CUE outputs… (all tracks except Track 8 (master) & thru machine tracks (MM/MD))

It seems that by routing things this way, I can still use mixer for control of many individual elements and then send everything back to OT so I can still take advantage of things like a filter effect on the whole mix (track 8 master).

I have no desk space now but I’m pretty happy with it:)

I 2nd AdamJay’s recommendation for the Peavey RQ, I have 2 of them and think that they are a sleeper for sure, and they even run off battery (which is why I bought 2) I think I paid like 65 for them, and felt like I got a steal.

They sound good, and although a little light on features, for a simple compact stereo channel mixer almost unbeatable for the price.

Thanks for the advice, Daren, but I got sorted… something a little bigger but lightweight for when (if) I do eventually become proficient enough to gig.
Yamaha MG124cx.

…so, i’ve tried again, didn’t really want to give up on the AR input bbut…i think i definitely need something here :expressionless:
spent a full night trying to get the levels right on the AR (and the MM) so that i could put the Blofeld through the AR input (did it on just one pattern luckily), it worked out fine although the levels were reeaaally low on both AR and MM.
there’s something ‘different’ in the way they both sound, don’t know exactly what, but it’s there…anyway…all this just to say i’ll need to get a mixer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: will have another look at the Peavey AdamJay suggested and take it from there…i need some pads here! :joy: