Recommend me some good Psy Trance


Good psytrance you say…



quite odd really


I used to love psy trance but many years ago, end of the 90s & first few years of 2000. We used to drive up to London every Friday night without fail, good times.
These days I get the odd fix from either Youtube or



One of my all-time favorites!!




Good that Hallucinogen get a mention as Posford pretty much invented Psy Trance with his first album, Twisted.

There’s some decent tracks on there, LSD being a decent opener.

However, DARK MAGNUS is by far the best track and the best Psy Trance tune ever!


Oh… Anything by EATSTATIC, Merv is still the best!




Yeah I forgot to mention Hallucinogen. Great stuff. The OTT Hallcuinogen In Dub album is great on a more chilled out tip too.

Oakenfold’s Goa Mix from 94 while not strictly psy is one of my favourites of that early goa sound


Im a bit iffy when it comes to genre distinctions but i believe this might be close enough:

I see someone already posted the ektoplazm site. The Hi-tech section is effing nutty. Well worth a listen but maybe in smaller doses.


On a more minimal Germanic tip, one of my timeless favourites:

Moksha - Iteration (rmx)


I kinda like this one too:

Kinda funny; with psytrance being very much about creative liveliness, there’s many productions that have this overly sterile sound to them.

EDIT: Some other track I like:


This was a favourite.