Recommend me some good Psy Trance


Cheers :+1:


I liked some of Spinney Lainey’s stuff on SoundCloud — she does flute over trance mixes.

Following this thread for what other people recommend too; this is a genre I thought Iliked, but a lot t under the label seems kind of formulaic.


Ooo, :grinning: I haven’t heard too much psytrance in general but Psykovsky I love. The Album - Na Ve KA is great. My favorite track would be Games For May but the whole album is really good.


Jesus, the more I hear this stuff the more I piss my pants. It’s awesome! Cheers for the recco :v:


Mad AF! Cheers :grin::+1:



this track ticks all the psy-trance boxes for me, loud, fast, dark, ridiculous, hilarious, cosmic, fun, technically amazing, silly etc

the drop after the hendrix sample kills me every time haha


Hmmm… I find it amusing that this statement really makes me want to listen to it… :grin:
I guess I’ll prepare myself first…


Good psytrance… Bit of an oxymoron… :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yes! And that description pretty much sums it up, especially the fun bit.
My mate was showing me vids from a rave in the woods where they were playing some and everyone just seemed to be having a laugh! :smile:



A mix of more free form suomisaundi psy.
More fun then the generic psy trance


Here’s a little something something



And for something just very simple and driving, also technically lovely to.



Morphic Resonance.
everything, if you’re asking which release.



Top notch for me are:


and many related


I had a short psytrance phase while I was a student and my tastes were kind of in between genres, but after a while got bored as even by electronic music standards it is very samey (equally I probably only scratched the surface and you could say that about lots of genres). That said, the production can be pretty impressive, it has a nice energetic sound and the events attract a nice crowd… just 99% of it has the same baseline :joy: It was actually at a festival with a heavy psytrance component (Glade 2005) that I stumbled upon Richie Hawtin playing and discovered my next musical obsession of techno…

Anyway, not that many tracks stick in my mind but this is a good one, produced by Simon Posford (of Shpongle) and Infected Mushroom: The CD it is from had some other fairly good tracks too (complete with lots of silly psytrance vocal samples haha):

To be honest though, the only music I still regularly listen to from that world is Shpongle, which is more chill out/“psybient”. Something about the fantastic production and melodies makes it work, despite not being into much else that sounds like that. Start with their debut album “Are You Shpongled?”, but the first three albums are all great. Also recently discovered The Infinity Project which sounds pretty similar, kind of a precursor to the Shpongle project.


this is not psytrance , maybe not even trance, but perhaps you’ll like it