Receiving MIDI program changes

Doesn’t fix the problem.

i’m trying to be DAWless or i’d use a translator in a heartbeat.

so far putting the PC message 4 steps before the change has worked. but if your song section is longer than 4 bars, it doesn’t really help, since you need 2 sequences on the pyramid: one seq is the last 4 or less bars before the change, which contains the PC 4 steps before the end of the sequence. and then another sequence to play the first however many bars minus the 4-ish at the end.

if you have a ‘chorus’ part you want to change to, your ‘verse’ looks like this:
verse1seq1 for 12 bars.
then verse1seq2 for 4 bars with PC message on the 4th to last step. (you can put the PC message wherever with this method because the digitakt will only change once a pattern on the digitakt is over.)
and then chorus1seq1 on step 1, you send a program change to all your other synths that just magically can see the future and respond to those PC messages no problem.

MIDI processors are not bound to run on a PC (and this kind of stop/start embedding should be doable with almost everyone). You can get them in all kind of form factors and price ranges.

A few are listed here.


Yes I did this with one of my project and the digitakt. Externalise everything on the bomebox with miditranslator pro scripting. It has a price and it’s loooooooong !

But this so much pain, when it would be so simple on the digitakt.

I have to say that I don’t understand. The digitakt is so ergonomic (all the src page with the program change per midi track is just fantastic), and in this case, this is just unusable to control the digitone !!!

So myself, I’ve sync the DT and DN to change pattern always at the same time. It was a lot of work to mirror all the already created patterns (days …), and this is very disapointing. Because of this workaround, my DN is always changing pattern (and most of the time I don’t need it), and if I tweak a sound on one pattern, when it changes I don’t have the modifications.
When I make sound corrections on the digitone, I have to copy/paste numerous pattern to have the same corrections everywhere, this is a dangerous process that make my tracks fragile.

An amazing car with an old coughing engine inside …

I really, really, really, really hope they’ll find a solution one day …

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Same for the Model Samples… Late PC via Ableton. Created a template for my SL MKIII controller just to find out pattern changes send via the SL MKIII are instantaneous. That’s weird so maybe there is something im doing wrong in Ableton. Very strange.

sorry to necro so hard. but i’m at a point with this digitakt that i’m gonna buy a midi processor and never have to deal with poor midi implementation ever again.

the bomebox is expensive tho. over 200 bucks and none on reverb. rk002 is cheap and EPP is under 150.

your quote says one can use the EPP or the RK002 to filter out PC messages and then resend them sandwiched by stop start messages? has anyone done this? people say bomebox does it, but how does one accomplish this on something like the RK002 or the EPP? (total newb to midi processing, obviously.)

and, is it worth it to just buy the bomebox?

I guess @sezare56 can answer this?

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I’ve got a Squarp Pyramid sequencing a Virus and a Sirin and both of those receive and make their program changes perfectly but like everyone else on here, my Digitakt changes a full pattern late every time when receiving program changes from the Pyramid.

I love my Digitakt, but this is an infuriating and unacceptable bug. Please Elektron, help the DT community and get this issue fixed.

So, is this still an issue for everyone?

I am considering setting up my Nerdseq as Master sequencer and clock for my whole setup, sending PC to DT & DN.

But if it’s going to be a total nightmare and then not even work, then I won’t bother.

I have to say, as much as I love my DT, I made a mistake in assuming that this very popular drum machine would be able to be used with an external sequencer in the way we use every other drum machine. I am seriously considering selling it if it’s not addressed in the next update, as almost all of what I do is sequencer based.

No… I bought the thing 3 years ago and its literally sat in a box waiting for this fix. Until it is fixed, or until the options are the same as other Electron units, it’ll stay in the box. My MPC2500, created 17 years earlier doesn’t have this issue - its really whack

Just curious but has anyone tried to do this when using the the DT in overbridge mode as a vst?

I assume all of you are using the DIN MIDI and not usb midi?

Wanted to do this. Googled to see how it’s done. Found this thread. Heart broke.

I can work around with blokas midihub (stop change start?). How out of sync do things get when you do this?

I got my digitakt yesterday and i’ve been trying to get it to work along side my ableton project while using PC in clips in Live to change patterns on the DT.
I just now found this thread…

So… Nothing changed on the latest 1.2 update? How come this is not like a major TOP priority since day 1?!

Someone please wake me up from this nightmare :scream:

Have you tried using a midi track for PC messages?

First you disable the PRG CH SEND (under system, config, sync) and then you use a midi track to send the PC messages instead.

The upside is that you can select what PC message number to be sent (pattern 1 doesn’t have to send PC message 1 to the Digitone) and you can choose to send the PC message on a trig late in a Digitakt pattern so the pattern change message arrives nice and early for the Digitone.

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So good you told us three times :slight_smile:

I had this problem when trying to send program changes from Digitakt to Digitone. I couldn’t get it to work and spend time going through this thread and others looking for a solution. Having to manually change patterns on both on the fly was so maddening I ended up ditching the DN and sticking with the DT as my brain. Well, cut to a year later and I re-purchased the Digitone. I was planning to use the DT as just a standalone drum machine this time and use the DN as my brain for all sequencing duties, etc. But lo and behold when I switched it around and ran the Digitone into the Digitakt the pair synced right up and were changing patterns in tandem! Not sure if the earlier issue was user error on my part or Elektron fixed something in their latest updates. Regardless, it works like gangbusters now. Seamless.

Judging by the last post in this thread, it seems that this issue may have been resolved. I’m interested in buying a Digitakt, and this one issue would be the only real deal breaker at this point.

I have an A4 MKII, and I’d like to be able to use song mode on the A4 to arrange my tracks and send program changes to a DT. Can this be done now? Thanks!

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It can.

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Hey hey, anyone know how to trigger changing a song with PC and changing a row in the new Song mode?