Rec. Trigs on Flex Machine - Playback Problem



I have a weird problem with the Flex machines.

I set up a “normal” Trig and a Rec. Trig at the first step of a 16 steps bar.

What should happen (and what happened before):
The Flex machine should always record and playback what was recorded. And when you find something cool you erase the Rec. Trig and then you can play with the last recorded 16 steps loop.

What actually happens now:
The “normal” Trig stops playing randomly. Sometimes it plays the full length of 16 steps, as its supposed to be. But most times it cuts off after a second or half a second or whatever.
It ONLY cuts out when a Rec. Trig is set. When I erase the Rec. Trig, the “normal” Track plays back the last recorded loop completely normally.

I cant figure out what the problem is. It worked before, I must have changed something :disappointed:

Thanks in advance!


Sounds like you’ve changed the RLEN value @ Rec Setup


the RLEN is set to 16, so thats not the problem. I played with all the parameters on the Record Setup pages, but it changed nothing


I know this was posted 3 years ago but I came across this with the same issue. My solution was to turn off time stretch (TSTR) under playback setup. Hope this helps someone in the future.


Have you pitched the playback?


I have the same issue on a regular basis, it’s due to LFO depth setting itself to “slightly not zero” for whatever reason (but can be user error). Its default target parameter is pitch, which causes the playback to stop randomly when the algorithm is short of samples to process. It’s not visible on the screen when reviewing settings, all depth knobs seem to be at zero. Clear LFO page (or manually resetting the 3 LFO’s) solves the issue.

Possible user error: if you use “save as new”, a LFO could have a slight non-zero setting in one project that is carried over to subsequent projects without you noticing, until you set up a flex to playback its recording buffer while recording