REC, PLAY and STOP start behaving like Copy, Clear and Past


Dear community, newbie here.
sometime, while I’m playing (in PLAY mode), REC, PLAY and STOP start behaving like Copy, Clear and Past, although I’m not pressing FUNC, T1, or other buttons that normally activate this function.
The only way I found to fix it is to switch off and on my Digitone.
It’s a little bit frustrating!

Digitone 1.02: bug reports

Sounds like a hardware fault. If you can, try TEST MODE from the Startup menu as described in the manual. You will likely need to contact whoever you bought it from to get redress.


thank you!
I tried the test, but “unfortunatelly” (or not?) the test gave no “error” result… my unit seems to work properly under an hardware point of view. actually the keys works, and my digitone problem occurs only sometimes, after minutes of playing. it happened every time while I was in play mode (a sequence was playing, and I couldn’t stop it, because of the problem).


I’m having the same issue. I been babying it and it has NOT done it again yet.


I got into The habit of pressing DOUBLE stop from using the OT. I was doing it on the DIGITONE and I was thinking that might be somehow triggering it. I have since stopped Pressing STOP twice and it hasn’t done it yet. I have been real concious of my moves so I can pinpoint exactly what might be triggering this.


what OS are you on?
I got that randomly when using the previous OS. I haven’t gotten it with the most up to date one thus far.


Since I have DL the new OS, I have NOT had an issue. So, hopefully this NEVER happens again.


Thank you all, I’ve the last OS (1.02). Sometimes I press STOP twice too, but it should be a normal feature of the digitone (stop twice means stop ol the sounds): neverthless I didn’t notice if the problem happens when I push stop twice, but I’m pretty sure that sometimes I pressed it twice and I had no problem with the digitone.
Wilbur… what do you mean with “babying”? sorry I’m not english and my engilsh is far to be good :slight_smile:


ok sorry for my very bad english… I shot the problem. and I’m saaaad, although I really love my digitone!


Yeah man, That’s IT. Mine does the same thing. Definitely some type of BUG or problem with certain units. Yes, I love my Digitone too but this should NOT be happening.

BTW: babying means, going really slow with the thing, taking time, being conscious of the moves I make, NOT pressing too many buttons at once.

Hopefully this gets ironed out. Its very frustrating.

What’s gonna happen IF I’m playing LIVE somewhere and this happens? I’m gonna look like a damn fool.


Have you tried factory reset? I have two digis and neither have this issue but I have read a couple other users having the same issue. Bummer, sorry. Unfortunately you’re probably going to have to send it in/back if factory reset doesn’t work. I think subconsciously thats one of the reasons why I have two, in case I ever have to send one in


Are any of the other func+ combos working differently whilst this is happening or is it just the rec, play and stop that are using their secondary function?.


I have NOT factory reset, I must admit.

IF it does it again I will.

After that, I’m sending mine off. I need my DTone 100%


Me neither, but I’ll try to do it ASAP (I’m not with my digitone right now).
As far as I see my unit works properly with the other function, but the next time it happens (if the factory reset doesn’t work) I’ll check if the secondary function of the knobs are always ON.