Reasonably priced (unlimited ) step sequencer

Apart from the Cirklon and Squarp Pyramid there doesnt seem to be a dedicated unlimited step sequencer. Or maybe there is?

Every step sequencer has limits in terms of number of steps. What do you mean?

What do you mean by “reasonably priced”?


No of steps. More than 128 at least.

I’ve never used one and I can’t find any info on number of steps (only total number of notes) but maybe look at the second hand market for a Yamaha QY series or something similar to that?


Yamaha QY sequencers and associated devices like RM1X and RS7000 can typically have pattern lengths of up to 256 bars, never mind steps.

Old Roland, Akai, and Emu sequencers would have similar capabilities


Deluge but yes it’s over budget.

Cheers guys. I was looking for a standalone sequencer just to clarify. Maybe theres nothing.

Yamaha RM1x. up to 256 bars.


Arturia BeatStep Pro can pattern chain… 64steps x 16 patterns= 1024 steps.

What are you trying to do?

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Im trying to sequence an entire classical piece(a bit like Wendy Carlos) Hooked on Bach stuff but in one go rather than in segments. Cheers.


Ableton. It stands alone in a computer.


Maybe go for an older one, some that spring to mind:
Alesis MMT8
Kawai Q80
Roland MC50/80/500
Yamaha QX/QY

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this particular one is quite rare and definitely not that cheap (comparing to other units of the era).
i have one :sunglasses:

20‑song, 16‑track, 32,000‑event capacity model. Thats more like it with the Yamaha QY series Cheers


at least 128 steps per pattern IIRC


I think that’s 128 max per pattern, depending on type (so you might get 128 for monophonic, or less for poly … I can’t remember the exact details).
But it does do some kind of pattern chaining or song mode, so :man_shrugging:

You’ll be wanting a linear sequencer rather than a step sequencer. Any of these sequencers can do what you want:


IMO this would be best done with a linear sequencer. This get’s us to Pyramid or MPC territory and is definitely not in the 300,- ballpark … but editing longer parts of midi notes is quite okay on the MPC, because “we see what we get” :wink:

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Yes i found the Pyramid then thought maybe some hardware alternative must be out there. It sure makes it easy.

I agree that a linear sequencer seems like a better approach for this type of project. I also agree with the recommendations of Yamaha qy series, rm1x/ rs7000, and mmt8.
In fact, the the mmt8 is kind of like the prehistoric ancestor of the pyramid in a lot of ways. I still dust mine off from time to time.
It’s amazing how some of these old sequencers hold up against, and in some ways outperform, modern gear.

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