Reason 11 Announcement

Reason 11


The Reason Rack goes on a trip to others, to everyone… You can buy Reason to get everything in the Rack in Bitwig, Cubase, Ableton, ANY DAW !

I was a big fan of reason since the beginning I always work REWIRE with Cubase and Ableton Live then. I’m happy to upgrade a FEE to work differently within the reason rack instead of rewire (I hope it will be good on the CPU)

On September 25th, Reason 11 (and Reason 11 Intro and Reason 11 Suite) come with Reason Rack Plugin. It’s currently VST3 (AU version in a free update before the end of 2019).

Reason 11 (the DAW) comes packed with five new devices as well as top requested workflow features for the DAW. From quickly drawing multiple notes at the current snap value, to editing features like curved automation and crossfades.

Sweeper Modulation Effect and Quartet Chorus Ensemble covering a wide range of chorus, ensemble, phaser, flanger, and filtering.

There have also been many requests for rack devices based on the mixer. Now, with Reason 11, you can get the same great EQ and dynamics as part of your Combinator patches or use the Master Bus Compressor on your drum bus to really glue it all together.

I think it’s very smart from propellerhead the way they handle things to the point of releasing the whole reason as a Rack (Like SoundToys, Guitar Rigs or whatever)

Original text from Propellerhead here :


As a committed Ableton user this has got me tweaked , do I really need it though? Lol


I’ve been using Reaper instead due to its efficiency, but I can really see myself using them both together with this latest update.


Maybe there will be some crazy modulations with Max for Live and the Reason Rack Back :slight_smile: and it will encourage the think of reason devices… instead to launch and setup everything :slight_smile: for fast experiment load the reason rack boom > experiment :slight_smile: it’s cool

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Finally! I was an early Reason user from version 1 and stopped with version 5 when Re-wire between the 32bit reason 5 and my 64bit daw would not work anymore. I still like the instruments and fx a lot and will take a close look at the new version! upgrade prices should be cool from 5 -> 11.


I’ve always been interested in Reason and even played around with Reason 10 for about a week. I really like the idea of using only a DAWs native instrument and fx without 3rd party vsts and Reason seems perfect for that. In the end I didn’t have the time to learn a whole new workflow. As an Ableton Live user, would anyone recommend ditching Live and going fully with Reason? If so why (or why not)?

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I have use Reason when was 2.5 and love Reason like Abelton and Bigwig. :blush:

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Personal opinion (subjective)
I would say “no” for audio warping algorithms… (you have many types under Ableton) workflow is also better on Ableton Live for sketching musical ideas… (Ableton + Push 2 is still a very great Software/Controller setup difficult to beat)
Then for track construction the normal time/horizontal mode is more or less the same…

Combo Ableton/Reason Rack should be the best option at the end. If they made a great job with their Reason VST Rack. (regarding CPU and routing I would say)

I never used Rewire. Was it just for synchronization or did it anything else that couldnt be done with a MIDI-Link?

Can anybody explain if it worked good or not? Did it have problems so that they now make Reason also available as a Plugin?

I think it was more that the old Rewire way of working was a bit clunky to use. IIRC you had to open one DAW, then Reason, and then route the midi and audio between them. You could then sequence Reason from your regular DAW and receive the audio back. It worked ok but never felt particularly integrated.

Im waiting for the advanced reverb (RV7000) to become a vst plugin. Lushness!

I wish I can buy more time in a day to play with all these amazing virtual instruments.

Having halion 6, groove agent 5, maschine MK 3, komplete 12 CE. There’s so much overlap but the reason GUI looks so good by the way.


I find reason so interesting to use because the suite reflects the development of virtual instruments and effects in general. Keep in mind that Propellerheads were pioneers in the programming of the music technology that we all take for granted these days.


I know about REX files and recycle. What else did they innovate with ?

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pretty stoked about Reason 11, I’ve been using it since R.3, such an underrated tool imo. So many kats over look it’s potential, I’ve been using Reaktor for about as long and I usually end up using Reason due to its streamlined modular design. I don’t use a daw for much more than recording now, but I pretty consistently use Reason to build patch’s for stems, or individual sound for my Elektron samplers. the cost verse sheer power and potential, your basically robbing them of revenue lol! My only beef is that it’s audio editor is lacking in some key features that make some tasks less than enjoyable, I tend to use Beatcleaver for chopping, but everyone’s needs are different :man_shrugging:t2:… if Renoise will get on board with VST3 support, could be a really powerful combo for a lot of kats . Reason is doing away with rewire as of the Reason 11 release, but this reason rack vst will bring a lot more power to those who cross platform their daws. the other additions are quite nice aswell. with everything you get, the price is pretty damn sweet too…


I don´t remember a lot of softsynth on the market in 1996. Native Instruments released Generator (later: Reaktor) in late 1996 but that was it.


Thanks. What would you say the learning curve is like for reason coming from Ableton?

Reason as @v00d00ppl said is very great at GUI so all is like a Real Studio but Virtual for their Instruments, Effects and even for the Mixer. As things are visual I do think the Learning Curve is more on the Sequencer and it’s Tools.

If I can work in Ableton with one Screen. it’s a better idea with Reason to work with Two Screens one Horizontally and one lower than your main screen vertically (there’s a lot of great and affordable screen that rotate that way and it’s really a comfort to work with reason that way…)

3 screens is event better… Rack on the left, Daw in the center and The Mixer on the Right


That’s a really good point about Reason’s reliance on multiple screens for a decent workflow. I loved Reason around the time of 3 and 4. It was the perfect self-contained environment for my friend Andy and I to make music together. It had limitations but I never minded them (until I got into hardware synths and drum machines). We could share tracks and collaborate better than at any time before or since.

The addition of the SSL-style mixer and merging of “Record” really harmed the UI for me. Working on tracks within Reason on our laptops wasn’t ergonomic or fun anymore, and I found the clean interface of Ableton worked so much better on a single screen.

The thing I still loved about Reason was the rack and its modular nature. I’m pretty excited at the thought of having that more easily available again, without the frustration of the rest of the Reason environment.


Interesting points, thanks. I’m disappointed to hear that reason doesn’t work well with just a single laptop screen. I struggle on just my laptop screen with ableton too… are there any DAWs that really just have a single screen interface?