Really basic Midi chain question (Digitakt)


I’ve been slowing diving into the midi sequencing section of the Digitakt by running into a Minilogue and that’s been fun. I would like to add my Pocket operator and perhaps a Volca Bass to the mix, all synchronized by the Digitakt.
The Minilogue doesn’t have a thru and the volca has midi in (and the sync in/out) And I believe the PO can be synced like the volca.
How does this chain together with Digitakt running the show? Can it be done without a midi thru box?
Thanks in advance. This forum has really been helpful.


If neither synth has a MIDI THRU, I believe you will need a MIDI THRU box.

This one is good and functions without any power supply:


Maybe I’m missing something but this doesn’t work for you?

Digitakt Midi out to Minilogue.

Minilogue via sync out to volca bass sync in.

Volca bass sync out to pocket operator sync in.


minilogue out - digitakt In - digitakt out/Thur - Volca Bass midi In
volca bass sync out to Pocket operator ?
assuming the minilogue has/can send midi clock as master.

or the above suggestion from Knh if the minilogue can do midi thru / sync out.

i use a midi thru box here , but it makes it a little easier , theyre one of the more little useful boxes that make no sound but are worth getting [imo]


Heh, sorry, I don’t have the volca yet. I was just nervous about buying it and not being able to implement it. Midi after many years still seems like voodoo to me. What you suggest seems pretty straight forward though. Thanks!


You can easily sync minilogue with the volca bass (and po). All you need is a normal 3.5mm cable (no midi).

But if you want to trigger (and sync) your minilogue and volca bass with the midi tracks from the digitakt you need a midi thru box like @Normalogic said.

So the midi thru makes absolute sense because the sequenzer in the minilouge and volca are really limited.


I’m using a MindBurner MIDI Thru box 1 in 5 out (DT send to M32, MicroMonsta and MX300 FX recieve) - It was £38 on ebay.

Powered by USB (hub or battery supply).
Works perfectly and it feels good to support the indy builders.