Reaktor 6


I haven’t found a good tutorial on Reaktor as of yet. Any suggestions?


Only Blocks or primary and core building?


The NI tutorial videos are great, check them out.


Blocks is pretty accessible. I just found out that I can build my own sequencers with them, put them in Bitwig before any synth and let them do their thing. Then there is Euro Reakt 4.3 with 140 modules to experiment with.

I am in heaven.


Yeah I love it. My question was related to Ryan, if he asks for tutorials about blocks or also primary and core.
Euro Reakt is my favourite library, the Infinite Phi Collection and Nouveau Collection are also stunning


Just finished downloading the best Blocks from the library. That’s 4 Gigabytes of Reaktor modules waiting to be explored.

I counted 460+ modules in my library. That would be an investment somewhere in the range of a 70.000-100.000€ if it was hardware, not the 99€ I paid yesterday. And those blocks really do sound good.

Question: It seems that an ensemble is stored together with the blocks, right? So I could publish an ensemble even if it contains 3rd party blocks?


No doubt

Exactly. Blocks are instruments in Reaktor language,
that can be stored in an ensemble


Hi all did you think you can enjoy using reaktor on a 12" laptop screen?? Thanks


My only regret is not buying this when first came out and it was a 99 dollar upgrade. I’ve bought a series of bad video games this year that cost more than that. Even with stock modules I can make some good loops or raw tones. I’m doing the Groove3 3 hour video series on the software I’ll let you know how it goes.


I have a 15 inch screen laptop and I have to scroll, but it’s not inconvenient.


There is currently a Black fridayish sale — 99 euros


Love the Blocks :slight_smile:


Just upgraded last night for 49US…I forgot to write that I was holding out on upgrading so long that now I feel I would have been a blocks genius by now.


And $49 USD for upgrades from Reaktor 5! Considering that I got well over a decade of use out of Reaktor 5, I think I can finally cough up $49 to get 6. I just hate being in front of the computer any more, but I also feel that I’m starting to get to the limits of what I can do in hardware and need to re-invest time into Max and Reaktor to build the additional synthesis/fx/sequencing I want.


Just when I thought you finally finished, you start scrolling sideways!

I got it around this time last year. Phenomenal software.


Another question.
I first take it for blocks and premade instruments to use in standalone along digitakt then later maybe design some. Will i have the same sync problem as with ableton or not ( using usb midi direct to the standalonhe app??? Thanks!!


I’ve done standalone with OT and not had a single hiccup.


ive been playing on vcv 0.5 today and i have to say , its very impressive.
i dont know what im doing but ive got some nice lush results , especially with

vult filters , drum machines
Hora drum machines, mixers and sequencers. i bought the pack for $40 , well worth it .
mutable instruments remakes, i can see why these are so popular as elements , braids and clouds sounds great , even with my random fumbling.

i can easily recommend downloading it , try it out,
this place is a good resource

theres a good facebook group
and if the binaries have been posted on github , you just copy/unzip into the plugins folder and things seem to work , i havent had to compile plugins myself as i dont know how to do it.

lots more info floating around too… just google/youtube it.


Finally got it. Very nice. Much clearer. I get around much more easily. Check it.


Are we talking VCV or Reaktor Six?