Reaktor 6


Neither. Went searching for info on Zebra 2 and found these few comments.

Ironically though VCV 0.6 IS coming soon with DAW-integration. Also great software. So addictive.


Does anybody know how I can assign user patches(in Reaktor) to a Program Change/Sub/Bank?

I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out.


Sorry, can only tell you that when it comes to assigning MIDI in any way with NI stuff, I have sometimes been driven to violent thoughts. Think I spent an hour once trying to assign a knob on a controller to something in Reaktor and had to give up.


Changing the MIDI chanel to something other than 1 is tantamount to herding cats.

Good luck on PCs. Report back if you figure it out.


@anokah @xidnpnlss alright thanks for your input :slight_smile:


try this

First you need to click on the ‘EDIT’ button on the menu bar.
Then click on the ‘Properties’ tab (the box with the tick inside it).
Next click on the ‘Functions’ tab, scroll down to snapshots and select ‘Recall by MIDI’.
Program changes should work now.

go to file/audio and midi settings (or press cmd + . )
turn on input from your desired device
click edit highlighted at the top
click the knob you want to map
go to the connect page
put in the CC you want to use under CC number


I’ve successfully been able to go prog Christmas but only through factory presets. Any idea how to assign user patches to specific prog ch messages?

(I should note that prog ch is a very foreign world to me)


yeah, prog change messages change your snapshot on reaktor, snapshots are under the page highlighted below. if “001 best of” is highlighted the list of snapshots in that bank will be below it. prog change 1 will select silver bowl, PC2 will select lonely molecules and so on. if you want to build a list of patches click the user bank and when you press add at the bottom there it will take a snapshot of your current settings on the ensemble and add it to the list.

you can also use the morph tab underneath the bottom red box to choose two snapshots and morph between them with a fader which is midi mappable under the connect page (the box with the tick next to snapshot page) if you turn on Morph Ctrl Active and set a CC number


Good stuff.


Thank you very much for your detailed and descriptive answer! I look forward to investigating this when I get home!


Thanks, man. I guess part of the problem was that I was trying to use it in Ableton, which just caused a whole mess of brainfarts. I would say that the implementation could be better, but I would also say that I can be really impatient and thick at times.


No prob bud

@anokah nah don’t worry reaktor can be confusing. It’s pretty simple once you figure out where to look and get your head round it


Few years back I did some nice hacks (in my humble opinion), Reaktor drum machines, everything can be midi assigned, great for IDM, glitch, or whatever.
Low on CPU, load samples, they are worth trying.

Enjoy :wink:


What great timing! I’ve been really getting into Reaktor lately(Not building my own) been on a download hunt for more instruments!

Good stuff! Will download soon!

Thanks for sharing


You’re welcome @Ryan, they may look simple, but there’s a lot going on in modulation and automation and sequencers.

The sample banks are nearly empty, so you should fill them with quality samples of your choice.

Did you check out Rachmiel’s ensembles? Great
Reaktor 5 was much easier on cpu, I can’t even run some R6 ens on my aging PC :joy:


I always like the Boogle Beat stuff


I became instantly aroused listening to that.

Thanks for the heads up! Looks like it’ll be fun!



Ok. I get it now. Reaktor’s really fun.


So supposedly there’s an update out with front panel patching. Im not home to do it :frowning: