Re-order sounds in the sound pool

Is there any way to re-order the sounds in the sound pool?


I mean in the sound pool, not in the banks.

Hi- I’m only new to this but I think not. It does get difficult when there are lots of sounds in there- my solution is to cut right back on entries in each pool so that I can find things quickly. Cheers

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hey, i use transfer for it.

In transfer click on “explore” then on the right hand side in the dropdown menu select sounds.

here you can reorder them as you like

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I think you can do this in Overbridge but don’t have my computer with Overbridge setup right now.

Noticed you posted this question a month ago. Did you figure it out or get a definitive answer? Seems like some Naut must know…

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Nope, not yet, but I will try @prydal 's suggestion later on!

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Apparently I can only order the sounds in the sound banks, but not in the sound pool.