Raw oscillator sound

What do you guys think about it? As a bloodfan of the sh-101, it just doesn’t quite appeal to me as much as i want it to :frowning:
i just can’t get a good feel when i play basses and stuff like that, and that’s a bit dumb, because it’s a great synth!

I like it, but it is a bit more clean and stable than for example a 101.

Here’s a great blog post on the oscillators, their sound and how to get a more Roland x0x type sound: http://patcharena.com/a4-waveform-scopes-and-some-tips/

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Anselmi’s original post on the old forum:

Some input from Elektron on the subject of “pure” or “raw” oscillator sound in these threads:

Se in particular /mr’s response on page 4 of the last thread there.

Been going through these threads. found this

I remember that. Hahah. Was crying with laughter the first time I saw it, especially in the context of that thread.


I’ll be honest I kinda thought like the complainers when I first fired up the A4.

What I had envisioned in my mind was something that could do the “fatness” of a Moog or the triangle wave of a SH-101, in fact I was surprised how much it sounded like a MnM to me.

Until I realised 2 things: Firstly they’re aren’t made by those companies, and it’s stupid to to be upset when they’re completely different things

2: I was listening to presets. I think most of the people complaining there hadn’t taken the time to think about the synth architecture itself, especially gain/Overdrive/OSC feedback. I know if 1.1 had come out by then so can’t say about resonance control.

Can I make sub bass that would shatter windows? Yep. can I make that Moog/101 triangle sound? No. But one day I’m sure I’ll buy one. Doesn’t stop me from making sounds I’m happy with!

Very true. The easiest way to enjoy any synth is accepting it for what it is. Don’t buy an A4 if you want a moog. If you want a moog sound, buy a moog! The A4 has its own characteristics and that is exactly what makes any good synth a good synth… Character.