Randomization possibilities (especially in MIDI mode)


Is there a way to randomize sequencer patterns/notes/note length etc. with a simple press of a button or a combination of buttons? I know it’s possible with LFO, but I am looking for a solution similar to RND function in this module “Time’s Arrow” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlmeGT9snj0

With this simple eurorack sequencer module you can randomize either patterns/notes etc. or use ALL option to randomize everything, which is very handy. However, I am not sure if Octatrack firmware has this functionality already built in? If not, shouldn’t be that hard to implement this I guess…


Nope. But as you mentioned, lfos + trig conditions can add endless variations. Lfos on arp’s speed / length add great rhythmical variations. Lfos on notes with forced arp Scale.
If you want something static, you can record a midi track with another one.

Or, close your eyes, place some trigs, turn note knob in live rec! :loopy:
Ask a 1 year old child to sequence for you! :slight_smile:


Well, the reason I am asking for this is that I sometimes want to improvise during a live performance and in a scenario where I don’t have straight ideas in my head I’d like to press the “panic” button to generate some random idea for me. This would be more efficient than bringing a toddler along on the stage :wink:

This ALL functionality is mainly what I am after. A simple two-button combo - https://youtu.be/BlmeGT9snj0?t=335

Do you think this could be considered as a beneficial feature for further Octatrack firmware upgrades?


It would interest many people for sure.
Super copy / paste feature with randomize / reverse for example.

I personally prefer randomize with lfos!


Just played around with this yesterday, random LFO on ARP note lenght on a Blofeld patch, got a crazy saxophone sound out of what was initialy some dub bass or something, was like having Coltrane jamming along (tongue-in-cheek off course, and with due respect ) :wink: If you’re out of inspiration, just turn a knob and voilà! something completely different happening. OT is really a “happy accident generator” :slight_smile:


If you have an iPad and a way to connect to Din:


Unfortunately, the app can’t affect the Patterns. According to the developer “Elektron doesn’t support sysex on the OT, so there is no way to do this. The only way to touch the patterns is to use an offline editor, like OctaEdit, which works on the CFCard contents. The app only controls the MIDI that is specified at the end of the OT manual

I’ll play a bit more with LFO’s and see what I can come up with.


Yes! What do you sequence with it?

To keep coherent arp speed with lfos I use lfo designer, using usually 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 48 / 96 values for arp speed, and I modulate the lfo designer’s speed by another lfo, in order to randomize selected values*. Lfo on Note LEN or arp NLEN, velocity…
LEN 0 = Play all notes of the Note page, as if arp is off. VEL = 0, no note send.

*An example here, generative music with an indian kit played by an MPC500, lfo designer on arp speed for tablas mainly.


Nice! An Indian Illusion…


Forced arp scale works with arp off too so you could throw random or other type Lfo’s at note, transpose, velocity. Maybe with different speeds.

You can get five other modal scales using this: Octatrack Tips & Tricks (OT Tips)

You can try shortening the track length of the midi track so it doesn’t repeat exactly.


For more fun, do stuff with the thru track. Beyond normal lock stuff you can place trigs in rhythmic locations like every eighth or quarter note and use scenes set to shorten envelope settings for gating, or change filter depth from 0 for sweeps. The trigs won’t do anything as they have no locks but will when you change the parameters with the scenes.

For even more fun have another track bring it in using a flex/buffer combo with a slice remix using start point locks, and whatever else. Mix and crossfade between the thru and the flex/buffer combo using xvol on the scenes… Throw lfo’s at slice selection for more randomness, bring in those Lfo’s with scenes.
Let the good times roll…