Random "Oh Sh*t" Moments of Discovery on the Octatrack

Day 03 as some may know (not that many need to care lol) on the Octatrack, sliced up the first three hits on a drum break and placed them on T1-3 to play with slices.

So I program my little beat and what not with the 3 hits, then today, while watching videos on slicing, I decide to auto slice to 16 slices rather than the 3 slices I initially made. The end result was a lovely erratic but on beat drum pattern that only a professional drummer could’ve created.

What are some random “oh shit” moments that you all have discovered on the OT that you care to share with others?



When someone posted this:

And then I tried it (embarrassingly) with vocals - which is also in the thread! Such a cool idea.


same thing again happened today, i tried to copy a pattern from 1 to 2, and ended up deleting pattern one, beat lost. recreated a new one in 20 min at lunch with the samples done totally different direction etc. and loved it. This is a fantastic machine. Wish it was battery powered.

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Slices scanned from left to right on the fader, scene lock A on on slice 1, scene lock B on slice 64. Hi hat sample chain, with the octa output fed through a digital delay pedal doing some karplus strong high feedback stuff. Left hand on the time knob on the delay, right hand on the octa fader.


One thing Ive discovered recently is how powerful the distortion parameter is on the Filter FX setup page… if you set it around 50% and also set the Q parameter around 50%, then play around with the Q setup affecting “both” or just “width” or “base” and also changing the slope of each curve from 12db or 24db… then start tweaking the “width” and/or “base” parameter - there is a seriously wide range of sounds you can get from this, its just a massive amount of variation here… even moreso if you run one filter into another with different settings, either on the same track or with a neighbor track

its possible to get some extremely gnarly and freaky aggressive type sounds with this… I had been wanting to get a proper distortion type thing going on with the OT and was trying to get it done with the LOFI fx, but then I found that the one you get thru the filter setup is way way better at shaping sounds into crazy stuff - and at the same time you can use the Filter FX which is often more useful to me overall