RAM R-1 & RAM P-1 Tutorial study


It’s been years since I visited the RAM Machines Tutorial at the back of the manual (p “A-16”). It really is quite contrary to the way I “think” when playing only with parameters, beats, & effects etc. on the Machinedrum , but it is really a grand addition to the tweak options available with the SPS-1UW+… Things get out of control quick when I “abandon” the tutorial’s suggested protocol, but I see how powerful these machines are! When I record something that I like, and it shows off the machines, I’ll post it… In the meantime, if you’re new to this function, be very meticulous with the settings… (I did the bit this morning before work, sleepy, and un-caffeinated… and I could not get it to work- now, refreshed, I’m getting it). :robot: Have a great Saturday!


RAM R-1 & RAM P-1 Tutorial study
is a better tittle I think. :wink:

Unfortunately Sunday…


whoops! See! I better check to see if I spelled “meticulous” correctly… :blush:
Thanks @sezare56 , B