Revisiting OK Computer as it’s almost 20 years. Still an amazing album, and still a sign of the political times 20 years on.

Then they drop this! My credit card can’t take another pasting :cry:


My heart stopped when I saw the various editions available.

And that they were daring to remaster P E R F E C T I O N. :open_mouth:

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Yeh I had order the box set. I may just need to sell stuff to pay my credit card off :grinning:

WOW. I’m jealous.

I was considering hinting to my husband that it would make an excellent birthday present (June), if someone where so inclined. Of course, he hates Radiohead and we don’t even own a record player. :smiley:


My wife hates them but bought me tickets to see them in Manchester on July 4. :heart_eyes:
It’s going to be a good couple of months


That’s awesome! Last time I saw them was a tour in support of In Rainbows. It was an excellent show although an unmitigated logistical disaster for some people as it rained like a mofo and traffic stretched for miles as roads became flooded. We somehow escaped!

I still dream of seeing them in a small venue…


yes I tried to get tickets to roundhouse last year, but they were gone in seconds. The last time I had tickets was for King of Limbs tour, but illness and various misfortunes led to me not going. I actually saw them live last Glasto 03, so really looking forward to it.

Sounds like this year’s Glasto might be heavy on OKC. I wonder if they will just play the album straight through. That would kind of be amazing.

That would be awesome for sure, still so many great songs from great albums, i guess it would be difficult, though they could blaze thru it before moving on in the second half of the set

That was my thought. Otherwise a lot of irate fans!

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Whoa – wtf just happened? Are we in the Matrix?

Instantantly bought it when I saw it. Have it on cd…but need this timeless piece on vynil. Ordered only the vynil from Bleep.

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I’m looking forward to finally hearing the studio version of Lift - used to listen to the live version and wondered why they never released it, incredible song… I saw them once when they were touring for Amnesiac, damn what a show…


Even though I was primarily into electronic music at the time, OKC was inarguably awesome. Still by far their best, though to me Hail To The Thief is close.

Unlike many other people, I’m not a fan of Kid A and Amnesiac (and their other stuff along those lines). To me they sounded like exactly what they were - a rock band noodling with electronic techniques they weren’t very familiar with. It came off sounding very ‘wannabe Warp’ to me and still does. I know people swear by them but I don’t see it.

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The b-sides from that era are awesome, IMO. On occasion I will listen to “A reminder” on repeat for disturbingly long time. A few of them are like The Bends era type songs rerecorded (and rewritten?) through the lens (filter?) of OK Computer.

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I used to love this band… It’s been my favorite for 15 years.
I think it’s the band of which I’ve played songs the most.
OKC and HTTT being also my favorite album, as basehead…
But songs like Pyramid Song, Idiotheque or Spining Plates still trigger me instantly :smiley:

I believe In Rainbows was the last album I liked from them.
It’s been 10 years I have abandoned the idea they will make something big again.

I still love their albums a lot and listen to them regularly, from The Bends to In Rainbows.
Now that I’m into D’atachi or AFX, my girlfriend loves it when I play one of their records :smiley:
We’ve seen them three times in Roman arenas in Nîmes and Switzerland… Unforgettable moments !

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I find it very difficult to pick my favourite Radiohead album. I’m an indie/electronic kid at heart so Kid A shouldn’t be my favourite but I think it pips OK Computer and In Rainbows for me.

Now this will be controversial but I think their best collection of songs is arguably Amnesiac but the three mentioned above are better albums (if that makes sense…!).

Not a fan of HTTT and the less said about The King of Limbs the better IMO!

Think it’s 3 or 4 times I’ve seen them live over the years but their standout performance was at Meadowbank, Edinburgh what mustve been 8 or 9 years ago or something. Beck supported them that day. What a gig.

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King of Limbs is not a record I go to very often but it actually got new life on the From the Basement session imo. The dual drummer dynamic they now tour with really shines when they plays KOL songs.

I already have OK on vinyl. :sweat: It’ll have to be a fabulous remaster. I can’t see it having changed SO much.

Wow. I am surprised by all the HTTT love around here. I may have to listen to it again because that is probably my least favorite.

Kid A/Amnesiac, here. Their show at Grant Park, Chicago (for the Kid A/Amnesiac tour) was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to (first ever at Grant Park and went so well it opened up the doors to more shows, including Lollapalooza (for better or worse)).

While I worshiped them in my youth, my feelings have waned a little. I still think theyre one of the greatest, though.

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Wow, I can only imagine what it would be like to see them play in Nimes - that place is just amazing! Where did you see them in CH? That arena close to Lausanne?