Quick question abt envelopes

Hi, i’m thinking of getting a digitone for fm drums. It would be helpful to have an envelope mod pitch for that (over having to approximate it with fm). As far as I could understand from skimming the manual: there’s no independant envelope but 2 LFOs you can put on one shot mode? Is that correct? are these LFOs independant per synth track or are they global across all 4?

edit: bonus question: the digitone only uses sines (like classic fm), correct? you approximate different waveforms through fm or the harm parameter exclusively? actually kinda interested how it would sound for drums to approximate square / triangle vs using it.

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The 2 LFOs are indeed independant per synth track and can be used as envelopes with the one shot mode.

Also correct, the waveforms are sines but the harmonis parameter let you approximate other waveforms.

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To add to this: each track/sound also has a single dedicated DADSR envelope for both A and B modulators on the Syn 2 page. Lots of options for drum sound design on Digitone, and it’s so good at it!

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