Quick audio routing on projects


Hi everyone, I’m luktus, one of those wierd psytrance producerz.

I bought the octatrack several weeks ago and I’m slowly diving into the structure. I hesitated in buying this awesome unit because the Electribe ESX did most of the functionalities. I immediately understood it was the hardware designed for me and i don’t regret it. I even started to think I needed it years ago.

However, there are a few stuff I don’t manage yet, but I know the manual is clear enough as long as you know what each node represents on the Structure Tree. Plus the community and the forum already have helped me in many cases (how to ‘lock’ the arpeggiator, how to understand the parts with great analogy, how to slice and spread the slices on the grid with the slice grid funtion, how to route the octatrack ins and outs, how to enter studio mode…)

Now, there is something quite wierd I’d like to do for some reasons : I like to take out my OT to places with a headset but most of my projects are routed to 4 separated tracks on studio mode, so my headphones will simply route my tracks to the hard pans i have set on my track mixer, but i want to hear the whole stuff going on through my headset, so I ended up panning back all the parts and banks back to 0 on a copied project to work separately. Even with the shortcuts it’s a long procedure just to pan each track on each parts…

Is there a way to pan all the tracks back to without using the OctaEdit software? Maybe using parts which have theirs own load of panning settings? But copying one of these could mess around with the trigs on the next bank/pattern… Any elektronauts having the same issue ? I even have wondered of buying a small mixer to take with, but i don’t like this idea… or a simple mono jack adapter to plug to the hadphones output and see how the routing goes with mono.

I hope this hasn’t been posted yet but trust me I have scrolled for weeks before writing this.

Thank you very much and happy crossfading!


I always have one attached on my HD25, just in case.
Thats what I’d use if I wanted 4 mono outs.

If you set all tracks to the same midi channel, use midi loopback (midi cable between in and out), you can set all tracks at the same time.
Fn+Knob to go to 0.

I had it, enjoyed it, but I consider as a toy compared to OT. :slight_smile:


The toy, yea! This is exactly what I have thought when I discovered the Retrig tweaks VS the Roll function (and thus on so much other “structural” tweaks, but i still miss the fast forward trick so much!) on the ESX which I thought I could forget by getting the OT : each parameters are lockable allowing you to make each trig different, feels like an ESX² per tracks now… wow!

I’m glad the solution I’ve had in my mind could work, so i’m going to my favourite store to get one! :slight_smile: And I am even surprised my topic was clear enough for you! It might show I am really diving into the OT like totally fine.

I will try your loopback trick because I don’t ever use the audio tracks as MIDI controlers! As I only use 2 MIDI tracks so far I was sure I could use the audio tracks to centralize a configuration but it’s great to see is is possible without getting broken one more time lol

Thank you very much!
I will close the ticket quickly as I try these! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: