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I’ve been controlling an Elements from an A4 the last few months, it’s ruddy great fun.

Would definitely love to see a synth that takes on a couple of the less common synthesis methods.

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Bah, Smash is a party game, not a fighting game :wink:
I’m calling YOU out then, @Dataline !!
(Apologies for these off-topic responses. Carry on…)

Hooduken!! ===>> Martin :loopy:


Time to bust out the Gamecube…


I would love to see some pictures of prototypes …but I guess they‘re kinda topsecret?


Enjoyed reading these, top one Simon!

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I’d take the Melee challenge :cowboy_hat_face:
There is actually a great competitive scene for Melee, the other Smash games are just party games, but Melee is deep

awesome questions and answers everyone!

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