Questions about digitakt and overbridge in Live

My first question is…how do i get to record multitrack (creating a different audio channel in Ableton Live for every audio track in my digitakt) but with effects from my digitakt (such as delay and reverb). I noticed that my multitrack recordings in Live do not reflect the delay and reverb assigned to my tracks. Thank you!

My second question is…is there a way to have my digitakt stream midi channels from my Ableton Live session on the digitakt and be able to process them live as if they were part of my samples on the unit. I mean…suppose I have a few midi channels composed and arranged in live and i want them to be processed live with my unit with the filter, delay, etc…


Q1 - you can’t, the effects are master effects - every track is routed through a single effects engine for reverb/delay so cannot be applied per track.

What you can do is record the effects track separately to the others by recording the master channel and removing tracks 1-8 from the master out in the options on the Digitakt.

OR - you can record track by track with the other tracks muted and get the track with effect.

OR - you could actually combine those two ideas and record every track with an accompanying separate fx track.


2 - not really - Unfortunately you can’t apply the FX to the L/R record in channels on the DT at the moment which would be the way to achieve this.

the only way to do it would be to sample the sounds from live, trigger them with effects and record back into ableton but no, not in real time.

Thank you very much!!!

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I just discovered this hard way — couldn’t figure out why my tracks sounded so dry! :sweat_smile:

@the_duckchild Thanks for these ideas. In the case above, are you suggesting creating an audio track for each T1–8 output, plus another for the Post FX output, and recording on each of those tracks, like this?

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That’s the middle option I suggested above - and that’s probably the best/easiest option to capture your jamming/performance. the “FX” channel gets the Digitakt master channel, but you need to remove Tracks 1-8 from that in the options menu on the Digitakt.

The one you quoted, I was suggesting if you really wanted to have total control you could bounce it track by track with each individual fx track being bounced at the same time onto the master track (probably not much advantage to this over just baking the effects in with each individual track bounce… but then maybe you can do some interesting things with it!)


That makes sense, thanks a lot!