Question: Import Digitakt projects into Octatrack MKII


Hello! This is my first post to the Elektronauts forum.

I really like the Digitakt and have made some awesome songs with it. After learning the workflow, I decided to buy an Octatrack MKII and will be selling my Digitakt.

Question: Can I move my Digitakt projects to the Octatrack?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


No, they are completely different structures.


Thanks for the lightning-fast response!


You can sample loops from the DT into the OT.

When I did the same thing (upgraded from the DT to the OT), I took my favorite patterns / projects and solo-ed each of the tracks on the DT one at a time, and used quantized record on the OT to capture perfectly timed loops, and saved the samples. This gives you a nice OT-compatible / tempo-aware loop you can use in future OT projects.


I’m about to do the same. I love the DT and am kind of afraid to jump into all of the OT’s features. May even try to swing keeping it and combine them. If not at least have the DT as a parachute to use if I get to lost in the OT and it is easier to port to work.


They work great together, i would not sell the digitakt before giving it a try…

Plus, yes, it will take you a little while before you can fully enjoy the OT…


This could be an interesting challenge… puts on “to do” list if I ever get a Digitakt….


As @ML said keep DT if you can. OTs tracks get populated really fast and additional 8 DT sample tracks come in really handy for Drums and more “static” stuff.


I made the jump myself and will be selling my DT … bit daunting the process of porting all my DT tracks to the OT …may need to dedicate half a day to it …

Re the number of tracks … do you find the 8 get maxed out because you keep one sample on each track? E.g kick on t1 not a mix of kick and snare? Consider that in mixing best practices they shouldn’t land on the same beat I was thinking of keeping all drums on 4 tracks max and leaving 4 others for samples and midi for playing my OP1

Im in a band so have 2x VOX and guitar also. My issue previously even with the DT is having too many active tracks and muddying the songs

P.S the fadar and scenes feature really excites me as although the control all on the DT is super fun and satisfying I feel scenes should be more predictable and performance friendly for multi tasking


I can not agree with that in general.

Just think of a setup where the crossfader controls dozens of different parameters across the tracks - it’s not really predictable how it will sound … :wink:

But scenes are definitely much, much, much, much more flexible than Ctrl-All can ever be.

When I had to choose my most beloved workflow feature on any Elektron device than its Scenes with the Crossfader (more or less closely followed by Performances on the A4).


Scenes are just as predictable as you make them to be. You enter precisely what they do and that’s what they do. I guess the modulation between parameters might need to be tested if you haven’t tried them yet, but the full on active scene will be exactly as you made it. If you go switching things in tracks you might need to test again. I can’t say they are unpredictable, I’d say they are %100 predictable, they always do exactly as you’ve made them.


thanks for the info guys! BTW I can’t find any setting for panning tracks? Nothing on that in the manual either? Is the OT setup for sending out a centered signal and you have to pan via PA or mix desk?


You’re looking for the AMP section > BAL parameter.


This is precisely what I wanted… Alas my Digitakt is gone and my Octatrack took its place… The only remnants of my Digitakt are the recordings on my PC I decided to make of my favorite tracks… Bittersweet.


I think it really depends on your workflow. But for me 8 tracks get busy really fast as i like to resample, chop up and mangle and use sample as a different “voice” from original. Or like yesterday i had jam with my friend - 3 tracks as thru machines (2xfor volcas, 1xDT) 3x flex tracks to record and mangle thru tracks. 1x track with sliced up sample 1x master track.
Anyway i just prefer to use OT for sample manglign and sliced samples - things that DT can’t do. And DT for drums, “synth”, fx sounds that I can reshape in OT.


Hey All

So I did my first port of a track from my DT to OT and the process was fine but compared to the native stereo samples on the OT my ported song doens’t sound as good. Just thinner overall. Is this a gain staging issue or mono to stereo issue?

I recorded L/R out from DT into OT as a single mono jack in input A. I did this as I only have that cable and DT is mono samples and read that the OT auto converts to stereo?



What you hear from TD’s L/R outs or its headphone out is (in most cases) not mono anymore.

This is mainly due to the DT effects and, of course, other settings like pan/balance which influences the stereo field.

So if you want that it sounds like from the L/R outputs simply record it as stereo. Afterwards we can talk about gain staging and/or recording settings (16 vs 24bit).



Ah yes of course … so should I center and dry up each track from DT before sampling into the OT? Then try to replicate the FX settings on the OT? Luckily I’m not using LFOs on DT for this song

Also if I do this over weekend , should I just go to 24bit sampling? Space on flashcard not an issue



Why not sample in stereo? Just because you have no cable? I don’t see any real reason to restrict yourself already during the initial sampling. When you want mono samples later you can use the audio editor to create mono samples from the stereo ones.

And, yes, I definitely would go for 24bit. You can use the 24bit files also when you set the OT to 16bit (it will automatically convert the samples when loading them into RAM).

Starting out with the highest possible quality is never a bad idea.


Btw OT recordings are always stereo, they can’t be mono (1 channel). You can use mono samples though (more available RAM).