Question, crossfading parts/tracks


Hi, new to octatrack but I am really absolutely enjoying it! My question is, how do I use the crossfader to fade between parts? Reason I am asking is because Im trying to cut between breaks, so the idea is to cut from break a to break b…I was thinking it could also be done with crossfading between tracks as well? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


That doesn’t work. The crossfader is for fading between different parameter setting and fx.


Thanks, so is there any way to crossfade between different samples?


Actually not. But I think there are some workarounds. For example put 2 samples on 2 tracks. For one track assign scene A to vol (set to 0). For the other track assign Scene B to vol (set to 0).


Nice idea, thanks Transference. Gonna give this a go later, sounds like it might do the trick!


Definitely yes if you use slices with different samples. Example : 16 steps pattern, 64 steps sample, 4 slices of 4 loops, 16 steps each, change them with the crossfader.
Next level : create offsets in sliced drumkits, changing all drums with the crossfader.

Next level (those need complicated sample preparation / midi processing in my case)
@wascal Megabreak of doom

My cheap video with a midi processor trick (changing scenes depending on crossfader position)