Question about using Model:Samples with iOS AUM and Ableton Link via USB + Audio & MIDI

Edit: After testing everything out myself it does work.

Hi all,

So my Model:Samples is on the way and I’m planning on using it mainly with my iPad and AUM for hybrid live projects. AUM will be used for send/return FX and as a mixer for other sources. Basically, I want to know if I can use Ableton Link in AUM to sync up Ableton Link iOS apps, Traktor 3 and the Model:Samples through the USB connection.

I want to take the Model:Samples’ digital output as as input channel in AUM so I can basically do whatever I want with the audio, then send the main AUM mix channel to the sound card of the Model:Samples (TRS Stereo and Headphone TRS). This should all technically work right? Does anyone here use this sort of setup? Does it work well? I hope someone can give some insight into this.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings, KraftCode