Question about the new OS before I buy a used AR mk1

I used to own a Rytm few years back and enjoyed it really much. But because I wanted to get other gear and the price of the Rytm was pretty high, I sold it. Now with the new MIDI capabilities, the machine is on my wishlist again. A few question tho…

  • Can I can assign a track/pad to a MIDI channel and use that pad to sequence a synth or drummachine now?
  • Can I use the chromatic page of the Rytm to play and record a melodie on a synth?
  • I have an Behringer RD8 drummachine, can I for example say, use one of the rytm tracks to send out a specifiek midi note to the RD8 which triggers one of the drum sounds?

thank you…

This is discussed in a great amount of detail in a few threads, but essentially .

yes - but the track data is shared with the synthesis voice (which can be disabled)

p-locks from Lock Trigs which don’t trigger the voice will trigger MIDI

(MIDI is not subject to voice choking in the way that shared voice tracks are)

one Note per step only on each track and no MIDI retriggering

Notes(with velocity) only - no CC - no other midi

can be enabled per track for every pattern

Will respond to trigger conditions though for sequencing variation

Yes, in theory, but there’s a bug and a limitation

The limitation is that the same internal voice 49 note range -24 > +24 from the default reference C also applies. The sequenced range is limited to 49 notes, however, at present, whilst playing the pads live the MIDI transmitted is 24 semitones lower(iirc) - so the reference centre C is offset by two octaves between playing and sequencing

If you only sequenced by step programming you wouldn’t notice

When using an external MIDI keyboard the incoming MIDI will play the track voice and sequence the track, but the MIDI would not be passed through at that stage, so (2 octaves offset notwithstanding) the playing externally would not be heard on the attached MIDI device until the recording played through - I expect this and the offset will be fixed

That depends on whether the required MIDI notes align with those transmitted

The range is four octaves and it is currently 36>86 centred at midi note 60 (whereas pads playing is 12>60)

You can set any MIDI channel per track and every note on a track (including lock trigs) will transmit MIDI - there is no per step enabling, it’s all trigs on a track