Question about Octatrack External Midi Keyboard and Moog Minitaur


Hi there!

I’m preparing a live set with the Octatrack as the heart of the setup.
What I want is pretty straight forward. For example: I want to send Midi to my Moog Minitaur in a verse, and then play that Minitaur in the Chorus via a External Midi Keyboard. I’ll switch from Verse to Chorus using patterns/the arranger. I’m still a bit green in using the Octatrack and I need to wait untill the Midi Keyboard arrives to check it myself, but I was wondering. What would/could be a good way to go about it?



Keyboard Midi OUT > OT Midi IN
OT Midi OUT > Minitaur Midi IN

Whatever your Minitaur’s midi channel is, make one of OT’s midi track use that channel.


Hi JuanSOLO,

Thanks for the quick reply! That was my thought as well, but I just wasn’t sure if it’s possible to have some patterns send midi, and some patterns empty so I can play it live myself.


Definitely is.
And if you mute the track, you can also still play keys through it.