Question about Digitone scales


The manual isn’t clear enought about scales (minor, major, etc). What does happen when you are using Quick Note Method (page 29 from manual)? Does it take advantages from scales? Or the scales only are applied when you play in Live record mode?

Example, if I have a C E G in a C maj scale, when I press a TRIG + UP key, does it transpose the chord to C# F G# (pitching up all notes 1 semitone) or D F A (fitting each note in each position inside the C maj scale)?


Please, could someone answer this?


Another try, come on is very easy to test :slight_smile:


Have not tested, but I am 95% sure it does not transpose them according to scale. I think scale setting effectively does not change anything besides what keys are playable on the keyboard.


That’s what i’m also thinking. The Arp for example doesn’t transpose within the choosen scale aswell…
Which is a pity i think. Would be great if it would do.


Finally!! Thanks you, I was needing those replies :slight_smile:


That sucks


When you choose a scale, how does it map the notes on the keyboard? Do all the Trigs get used triggering only the notes from the chosen scale, or is it still laid out like the chromatic keyboard but with only the notes from the chosen scale lit up and playabble?



it is like this…


Thanks, it’s a shame as they could have spread two octaves across the two rows of Trigs


hello all
how can i save a track scale??? each time i clear the sequence after a liver record to make it again, it reset the scale setup to the chromatic scale… is there a way to save it??


no one know???