Question about digitakt/digitone/external gear sequencing

I am a fairly new user with both the digitakt and the digitone. I’ve already learned how to setup the two together where I have the digitakt able to be the master for muting the digitone. I was originally going to sequence my Korg Prologue with the digitakt but I learned that I can send more polyphony from the Digitone to the Prologue.

So now I’m sending the midi tracks out from the Digitone to the Prologue and have the Prologue audio routed into my Digitone to use it’s extra effects. I have both the digitakt and the digitone audio routed to my audio interface. I have the digitone both receiving and sending clock and program changes so that it can sequence the Prologue. But this seems to cause it to not accept the mutes from the Digitakt. I can learn to deal with this and do separate mutes from each device but I was really hoping to find a way to still use Digitakt’s midi channels as mutes for the Digitone. If anybody has ran a similar setup and knows how to achieve this I’d be really thankful for the info.