Quantized pattern change(solved)

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I’m sorry if this post already exists but i couldn’t find it anywhere else.
My question is: I want to change pattern quantize. so basically right now when i want to jump from pattern 1 to pattern 2 it waits before sequence reaches the end, basically whatever i have set as master length, or at least thats how i understand and then it changes to pattern 2. But can i change it somehow? Can i set 4/4 or 2/4 for pattern change or is it changable at all? Or does it always depend on master step length?

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Fail! I just saw post about it, couldn’t find topic because of it’s tittle. Delete this post please.

I would like to know this as well

There are a few things to consider, firstly the CHAIN BEHAVIOUR settings in the PATTERN SETTINGS menu:

  • activating USE PRJ. SET allows the project-wide CHAIN AFTER setting in the PROJECT > CONTROL > SEQUENCER menu to determine what happens (in terms of a specific number of steps or the pattern length);
  • disactivating USE PRJ. SET allows the behaviour to be determined for the individual pattern according to the USE PAT. SET setting (as either a specific number of steps or PLEN).

If “PLEN” is chosen in either of the above scenarios, the behaviour is determined by the effective pattern length in the SCALE SETUP menu:

  • either the PATTERN SCALE value (for NORMAL mode) or the MASTER LENGTH value (for PER TRACK mode) sets how long a pattern plays before the next pattern begins;
  • if the MASTER LENGTH is set to ‘INF’ then either CHAIN AFTER or USE PAT. SET (see above) should be a specific number of steps or else the pattern will never change to another.

Thanks. This is the answer I’m looking for. Now it’s time to experiment!