Q: BPM dependent effects

Hey guys I keep coming across this problem: I’ll be designing a patch on the Digitone and come up with a riff I want to be the basis of the pattern, but when I was patching I was at 130 BPM and the riff is around 96. I came up with the pattern at 130 so the reverb/delay/LFOs I heard were at that BPM. With the LFOs I can get closer by lowering the BPM multiplier, but what about reverb and delay? The time parameters?

General advice for not doing this while writing would help too!

Maybe this thread can help you, I didn’t try it on Digitone but probably applies the same: Digitakt Unofficial Guide - search for "Tempo Sync Delay Cheat Sheet " for delay/reverb times and “time table for the LFO” for LFO timing (there are at least 2 users who built different LFO charts)