Puzzle: How to connect RYTM + DN + Summit

Right, this might be obvious and it is getting late here, but I can’t make this work.

I might need more stuff to do this, but I wanted to check here first before I go out and buy more stuff.

  1. I want the RYTM as master to sync and do pattern changes on the DN.
  2. Then I want the DN to sync and control the Summit.
  3. And now for the puzzle, I want to be able to play the DN, and ideally also the RYTM using the Summits keyboard.

Do I need midi mergers and splitters or is there a way to achieve what I described without?


With no other equipment you can almost, but not quite get there. If you were using the Digitone (usually abbreviated to DN) as the source of clock and pattern changes then it would work.

What you would need to do is merge the MIDI Out and MIDI Thru from the AR in order to pass both the notes from the Summit and the clock and PC messages from the AR to the DT.


OK thanks! So I need more equipment - Great! :slight_smile: (GAS…)

I want to want to use the AR as the source of clock and pattern changes because of the songmode.
So I guess one merger would be one way to do it MIDI out from the AR and the SUMMIT before going into the DN?
Are there any other smarter ways?

PS, I changed my late night abbreviations to not confuse people. Good catch :wink:

Hopefully fully rested and awake, I’m only first seeing now, that the solution you are providing is for the ideal setup with AR as master and not the DN - Thank you! :slight_smile:

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