Push rotary encoders for Machinedrum - replacement part


Does anyone know where I could get replacement encoders for MD? I saw a couple of threads showing replacement process but no mention what part was used.

Analog RYTM mk1 encoder broke

Start with Elektron Support. They seem plenty helpful and can either supply you a part or point you in the right direction.


Done it already. Thanks.
I have found part name for octatrack mki

Does anyone know if they could be used in MD?


overall not bad. but i think the shaft is too short


Shaft in MD MKI is bang on 20mm. By the way, after ordering them from Elektron (as it was cheaper in my case) it turns out that MD MM and OT use the same parts.
There is a post of a guy who did it with OT:

So my conclusion would be:

  • PEC16-4020F-S0024 replaces encoders with no detents with switch;
  • PEC16-4220F-N0024 replaces encoder with detents no switch.

I will confirm this when the replacement is finished.


i have just completed pots, encoder and volume replacement. i confirm that parts mentioned earlier are the correct ones. cheers


Where are two different encoders you mention used? When you say “switch”, do you mean push down functionality?




Correct, switch = push down.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I am assuming you are about to replace the encoders. If so, be very careful about aligning the new ones on PCB.

The reason I mention it is that encoder’s flange goes through the front plate holes. If you will get a couple of encoders positioned incorrectly you will struggle with assembling the box together.

P.S. Bear in mind that for volume knob you need to get a potentiometer. It is a dual/stereo one with 7 legs if I remeber correctly.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I just bought an old one. Lots of wobbble in the encoders. So at the moment I’m just gathering information for when it’s time to replace them. Not exactly looking forward to do the job. Although, it seems that if one has some experience with soldering and repairing stuff, it should not be that hard.




Well, the job is not very difficult. But as with any rework there is always a risk involved. I would suggest open the existing encoders, then cut off the remaining base from the the “legs” and finally desolder the actual “legs”. This approach will allow you to minimise the risk of lifting pads or breaking traces. If I recall correctly I put some pictures in Red Eye thread illustrating the outcome of encs and screen replacement. Good luck.