Publishing music online in 2018


Hi guys.
So I have two albums finished that I want to release. But how? Where?
Years ago there was myspace, then soundcloud and bandcamp and at least in my perception it used to be easier to get some attention than nowadays.
The internet feels so saturated with music, every plattform seems overfilled.
On facebook it seems redundant to post something, if you don’t already have a lot of followers. And even only a few of your followers may see the content.
It seems one of the best ways to gain some attention to your music is buying the new hottest gear and make a very good demo with it if you’re lucky ;), but how to release records as unknown artist?
A good music video might reach some people.
Finding a label might be a good thing, although I’m not sure if it’s very genre specific how helpful a label might be. Aside from the fact, that it’s very difficult to catch the attention of a label. The times where you send demos are gone, now you have to deliver the full product.

I used to release for free on bandcamp and streaming via soundcloud. I’m looking for some insights or ideas. What’s your experiences as an unknown or semi-known artist? How do you release? Any ideas for other useful plattforms the days?


Why not release it yourself on your own label.

Then use one of the many online distribution company’s to get it on the likes of juno, beatport etc (or sites that would suit your style)

Not used them but may work well.There are others worth looking at too.

Then you can spam youtbe facebook and all the other social platforms with links to buy…plus shoppers browsing new music may find it and buy there.


Is a label required to get your music on the likes of juno etc. ?
My primary goal would not be to sell the albums, but get some listeners first and foremost. I have no problem with giving it away for free at least in digital format.


How about making music vids of your work and posting them on youtube?


you mean making offs?


I think all you need is a distributor with links to juno etc. They will want you to have a label name (id think).

There are some that will change you a one off fee per ep/ablbum etc.

Then you keep the money (-juno’s cut).

Never done it myself but think I’l be getting ready to do so in the next year or so.

If your not interested in the “selling” aspect then Youtube/soundcloud/bandcamp can give it away for free.


Be truly underground and don’t release anything for anyone to hear. :sunglasses:


bandcamp is a good way for artists and labels these days. with my label we are selling vinyl records and downloads to fans from around the world and I´m quit happy about that. But this takes time, even with good music. you have to build a little network first. look for similar artists / labels. Make friends. Share you ideas. Build attention. Believe in yourself and your ideas. And at some point it will start to work out.

If you are also considering to give your music away for free, why not send to netlabels?? I know from some netlabels they have 4.000 and even more downloads from eps and albums … thats like 10 x downloads from beatport, bandcamp, itunes of a good selling track in 2 - 3 years time. Just to give you an idea.

#9 is ran by one of the Elektronauts- I’m signed up with them for an experiemental label that’s on my to-do list

They have two options for accounts: a free account where you keep 90% of royalties and one for $25 a year and you keep 100% a year.

I haven’t uploaded anything up with them, but it’s something to look into- it should get you on online sources(Spotify/Amazon Music/Etc) I haven’t researched it since May, so I’m a little hazy on the specifics


That might be a good idea. Have to research on net labels. With my old band we had our album on in 2009, it was downloaded quite often back then.
Bandcamp is nice yes. Thanks for the insights.
Is there a way to promote an album on bandcamp itself?


thanks. have to check that.


Look into distrokid, the label I’m with uses that service and it puts our music on iTunes, Amazon, spotify, pandora and a bunch of other services.


looks promising. Thanks.


+1 for distrokid. I put out my last release using them as a simple way to get it onto additional platforms (normally I use bandcamp, sometimes soundcloud).


So you put it on bandcamp but additionally on distrokid?

Can somebody recommend netlabels that are not for dance music, but for downbeat, trip hoppy like stuff?
Like, old four tet, amon tobin, bonobo influenced.
I’ll do research, but maybe somebody knows one…
Seems there is a lot of those labels for techno.


The label I’m on does both. Releases through bandcamp but also uses distrokid to get on the other services. We used to be only bandcamp but it is really only one outlet people use for music.


there is no other way to promote your music on bandcamp as due your fans them selfs. when they buy your music its shown in their record collection and even will be displayed in real time on bandcamp start page.

Did you ever thought about asking a pr agency for promo if you want to pay for it? they can send it out to get dj feedbacks, radio show plays, reviews in blogs or even print mags. Especially the online promo for internet radio shows and blogs worked quite good for us. It´s better then to give monye the social media companies like facebook or instagram (which is facebook).


I think you have pretty accuractely summarized the current situation. Its probably old fashioned thinking, but I think getting out and somehow performing your music for people is the best way to gain a following. People still love going out and hearing music live while drinking etc. If they didn’t, we’d already be at the point where no one left their homes for anything : )

Being online only and with no previous name built means you are basically sending your music to the ADHD internet slaughter. There is so much noise, having good music isn’t enough anymore.

If you decided to go with a label, make sure that in return for your music that label is providing some kind of media attention and distrubtion you couldn’t easily achieve yourself. With Distrokid and LANDR distrubtion is a 20 spot away…If you can’t be arsed to do the social media stuff higher some marketing undergraduate to do it for you. They’ll work for peanuts. Get someone on fivvr to make a logo for you. Its a beautiful time to self-fianance a release.

The reason lables are almost unreachable and want a final product from artists is because in many regards those labels are largely irrelevant. The only reall currency a label might offer you is their reputation.

Videos are good. People are quite used to multi-media these days. Don’t get swept up in the gear video thing. The only people that care about that gimmicky non-sense are other gear nerds. Other people don’t care. And let us be honest, most of the time those videos are more about the gear than the music (because the music is often mediocre and only just barely shareable).

Find a film student and make an actual music video. If you are music is up to snuff to get some aloof little film student interested, I’m sure you can get a little contract written up for cheap that would protect you but let the film student use your music for a project of theirs.

Basically your good music is your currency. Use it to get other people to promote it for you.


Thanks for the nice tips.
Videos and artwork are in the making. fortunately I have some friends that studied in these directions and are quite talented. Mastering is also done.
For me distribution and promotion would be the most interesting things. I’m very bad at promotion stuff. Just like the music making part :slight_smile:
But you guys gave me some useful hints


I am in a similar situation now, I finished an EP and put it on bandcamp for starters, that seems to be my best bet. I got about 60 listens so far, but no purchase (other than from my wife :smiley: )

I also made a promo mix and put it on Soundcloud about two hours ago, then started submitting it to a dozen repost sites and asked some users to listen. I am planning to make some Octatrack-centric YouTube-videos about my work process and my humble gear, as all five tracks were are 75% created with the Octatrack+synths and then edited in software (Renoise, Mixbus).

Unifono, let me know whether you want to connect via soundcloud.

From what I gathered so far, streaming-services like Spotify are somewhat pointless for little starters like me because of the saturation, I won’t even bother with that for now. I do like Juno best as a whole but like it was mentioned you require you to be with a label AFAIK. My thinking is that you need to promote yourself to get heard.

I hope it is OK to plug the EP: