Ptn saved to temp area



I’m a new user and am getting the message “Ptn saved to temp area” whenever I press FUNC and Yes.

It makes me think that I’m not saving properly.

Is this the case?



It means that the pattern isn’t saved permanently, yes. You’ll be able to recover it when you use Func/reload pattern, but if you power off it won’t be there next time. To save it to the project (permanent save), you have to use the pattern/save to project command


OK, thanks. I was able to save the project, essentially re-saving my current project. I used the Save Project As feature to do this. Is that correct?

So, whenever you do a Save Pattern while you’re working, you get the “Ptn saved to temp area” message?


There’s saving the pattern to the project, and saving the project itself.
To protect your pattern, it’s saving pattern–> project that’s important, I believe.
If you’ve saved the pattern to the project, I don’t think you need to save the project again.
It is pretty confusing.

Saving the pattern to the temp area is actually useful for performance. When you’ve got a nice variation going on, you can drift off and then return to it, without having to interfere with your ‘hard-saved’ pattern. In the initial release firmware, Func+save would save the pattern to the project, but many people (myself included) found it was too easy to accidentally save the pattern to the project and permanently change it, when we just wanted to temporarily store a variation…


This might help:


This is incorrect. It will remain saved between power cycles as well.


That seems strange. Wouldn’t most people want it to revert to their default saved version of the pattern rather than whatever messed-up state they last left it in?

but that does explain why I find my patterns in such a state when I power on… ‘why the hell would I save that? Must have pressed the wrong button…’. Strange design choice.


Haha, I can imagine that must’ve been weird :sweat_smile:

You got a few save states which can be confusing but once you get it it’s not too bad and gives you a bunch of performance options.

There’s an option from the menu to save the current pattern to the project and a short cut to save it to the temp area.


OK, but how do you accomplish the Save Pattern to Project function?

I don’t see that as an option in the Settings menu.



it’s in the pattern menu opened up by the […] button.
that menu can be confusing in itself, because it remembers which menu level you were at when you last opened it. So you might have to ‘NO’ out of the pattern reload menu or something else before you can see the ‘save pattern to project’ option.


So what is the difference between saving it to the temp area and not saving it at all?


Mostly like an anchor point, for example if you screw up the pattern after you just have to do Func+Reload.
I’d say its more useful for live or recording situations.

If im not wrong.


I find it really useful, especially live. Say you’ve been playing for a few minutes, you’ve changed things up quite a lot from your original pattern, and you’ve found some really nice settings for filters etc., it’s all pretty groovy. So you temp-save. Then you go batshit crazy and FUNC-ALL the bitcrusher and turn it into a hideous mess… and then bring it back to the earlier state. And then, if you want, restore it to the initial state after that. It makes three ‘scenes’ accessible within each pattern – the pattern saved in the project, the version saved in the temp-save, and whichever unsaved one you’re currently working on. Very useful for exploratory music.


I’m not at my DT now, but wanted to see if someone can confirm something…

For a long time I assumed that [FUNC] + [YES] was for the active pattern (meaning 1 and only 1 temp area).

But last night, I swear it worked across multiple patterns. Is it true that there’s a temp save per pattern? !!!

If so, that’s a big deal, and another thing I completely missed :blush:
I re-read the manual section, and searched here, but couldn’t find a clarification.

Best regards,



As far as I know you can temp save as many patterns within the project as you want, I think you can turn the machine off and they are still active as well. As soon as you load a project though they will revert back to the last project save so frequent save culture is a good idea.


Well, how about that!

Very very cool. That really opens up improvising.

Just tried it, and yep it works on all patterns just like you said.