PSA: “save project” shortcut malfunction

It remains to be seen if this is a firmware exclusive issue or not (I’m assuming it is), but I’m on the 1.46 beta and lost about 2-3 hours of work today because of this:

In summary. Either stop using the shortcut altogether, or make DAMN sure you press the gear button very quickly, or you will be sent to the “Load project menu”.

A ticket was created, but I felt this was an important PSA to make.

I’m not sure what you’re experiencing on the beta

But a long press on ‘save project’ is for load project
and a short press is for save project

many UX elements work on these lines

two different UX inputs and this is normal expected behaviour - not sure it’s a malfunction or public service announcement material as I read it

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That’s definitely no malfunction. As @avantronica already stated that’s supposed to be the standard behaviour. On the A4, for example, it works the same.

From the (A4) manual:

The secondary function opens the SAVE PROJECT menu. A long press opens the LOAD PROJECT.

Is it useful or good UI design? Probably not. It’s quite easy to make mistakes this way. But, well, it works as intended by the Elektron folks.


I had made a ticket on this. Elektron responded, “no bug.”

I still think it’s a bug, in that both hold-gear and function-hold-gear trigger the load-project shortcut. It’s unnecessary for both shortcuts to exist, especially as the second overlaps with the save-project shortcut. Plus, the duration to get the load shortcut is really quite short…

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The reason for thinking it was the beta is that this is the first time I’ve been bitten by it, and I didn’t feel like re-installing another firmware to check.

Apologies for assuming it wasn’t intended behavior/ please feel free to remove or trash this thread as you see fit.

Regardless of short or long press, when holding the FUNC button and pressing Project, it takes me to the Load Project menu every time just like the OP’s video. This does not make sense. I’m on 1.45B

The FUNC button is blue, and every other blue text underneath a button works like you would expect it to. But written underneath the Project button in blue it says “Save Project”, yet it goes to the Load menu instead. If this is the way they intended it to work, then the text written under the button is wrong.

As a rytm noob I was burned by this… I don’t feel like the load project function here is really adding anything.

The other issue is neither screen says LOAD or SAVE so until you learn what the save screen looks like you wouldn’t even know which you were in.

I’d vote take away the load function altogether here.

Also, this behavior isn’t quite true either. A short press of the Project button (without holding FUNC) does not go directly to Save Project. Instead it usually takes me to whatever page I was browsing last within the Project menu. Sometimes it winds up being the Sample menu to load into RAM. Other times it is the page with three menu options of “Load Project, Save Project, Project Manager”.

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Holding function was implied…
From manual, secondary means hold function:

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Does it work on your Rytm? Even the shortest tap takes me to the LOAD PROJECT menu instead. There is no key press I can do that takes me directly to the SAVE PROJECT menu, even though it is written below the button.

I’m actually on MK1 so I can’t test, I’m just the kind of naut that will reference other manuals… :grin:

Any MK2 operators around to confirm?

I almost feel like a “short tap” takes you to that last menu you were on (??) be it load or save.

Really think Elektron should rethink this one as saving projects is so so so so so important, conversely loading projects can take the extra menu button presses as it’s not as urgent.

Too much functionality for one button combo

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That’s just the Global button by itself, right? (no FUNC press)
That makes sense to me.
Try holding down FUNC and a quick press of that button. The FUNC press is really what doesn’t work like I think it should based on the button’s label (called Secondary in the manual as Mike pointed out)

Edit: it is my tapping/holding technique after all. What I thought was a quick enough tap apparently isn’t.

This is so strange…I used the AR2 a lot last night and FUNC + short press worked like it should, taking me to the Save Project menu. I swear when I posted two days ago I had the AR right in front of me trying it and I couldn’t get it to work no matter how quickly I pressed it. It’s like there was a ghost in the machine and it is gone now.

Hey there, When I press Function + Track , I just get this in Rytm(os1.46):

001 presets
002 presets
— create new

and nothing else… Is it have some problem? I can not find any global setting on my Rytm.

Thanks a lot ! please help me, I am new for this machine.

Function + Track (HOLD) = Presets
Function + Track (TAP) = Global


Turn off and turn on holding FUNC. That will give you the system test menu, then select the function that let’s you see if there’s anything wrong with your Rytm

(I’m sure it’s the same as the other machines but you might want to double check)

It is done! Thank you!

You are better than the manual !