PSA: Reverb 15% off (great time to get a digitone keys!)

In the US at least, don’t know about elsewhere but…

It’s a great time to pickup a Digitone Keys! Most retailers have them marked down by $200 to $1099 right now. So, combined with the reverb 15% off, I just picked one up for $934.00. :grin:


Good eye! Nice share.

Sweet! I just got a Digitone for $551 ($649 everywhere else)–thanks for the share. Good deals for DT and OT as well.

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15% off in the UK, but only on a limited selection. The only elektron stuff is a good deal on an A4, and lots of… these :thinking:,t_large/v1576505100/dzbphraovdi1ati1dyf4.png


For UK users there’s an A4 mkII discounted too: