Program to cut up samples for Mac

Hi all. As I slowly gain competency in learning my Elektron products (OT/AR), I’m finally at the stage of incorporating samples into my work. It’s been a slow process getting here…with two kids, and studying, but I’m here now and motivated to start working with samples.

So, I’ve recorded some samples with my Sony PCM-M10, and tonight I’m going to start working with them. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good program to cut up my samples (for Mac)?

Thanks so much.

I have Ableton and use it for this.

For me it is also slow process, it is wonderfull

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Maybe this?

Have you ever used audacity? Garageband also works great for just trimming up audio, and both of these programs are free on Mac.

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Primarily for OT, I think. No slices for AR, you might just have to dial’er down as is

I’m about to start recording my own samples. I’m hoping to be able to do this from my iPad, personally. I feel too constricted using my iMac(desktop was a bad, bad, bad call for a personal computer) but I’m intending to do all my slicing/normalizing/fading from audioshare to send misc percussion sounds to my MDUW+.

Another plus with the iPad is you can get something to send your samples wirelessly to the OT. Or if you have Strom you can record your samples, slice them, rearrange them, and then slice them again to send them to your AR

Free : Audacity

Paid :

Wavepad (After tried this app, click on buy and you will get 50% discount normally)

There’s Adobe Audition, Sound Forge Mac, Audiofile Triumph … but it’s more expensive.

Audacity has a horrible UI but it works well.


Thanks so much for the suggestions/recommendations. Kids are in bed, and I’m going to start playing with Audacity/Octachainer!


I don’t like wave pad so much; prefer twisted wave. The problem is neither of these can make multiple samples at one time.
For Mac, I love me some audacity. I’ve tried with logic and it can be a lot faster but somehow audacity is easier for me.
I highlight, copy, paste, trim, normalize, repeat. You can export all parts as individual .wavs as well.

Sound Studio is both simple yet has all the functionalities you would probably need.

when you’re done cutting the samples up and you want them in your Rytm:


In twisted wave you can set markers, then there’s an option to batch export slices from the markers. Though I haven’t figured out how to automatically chop a sample into an arbitrary number of equal parts, so it’s still a bit of a challenge to chop a break.

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I had a job once where I had to produce/edit thousands of audio files for telephony systems. Pro Tools was our editor of choice. IMO it’s still among the fastest editors around when you need to edit a 4 hour recording into 2000 files. The keyboard shortcuts for making edits, the region playlist and editing workflow of Pro Tools is powerful stuff!

But for less ambitious editing, anything goes… Audacity is not a bad choice by any means.

For Batch Processing i use Myriad from Audiofile Engineering, triumph is cool but a bit tricky as an audio editor. But Myriad instead, is a very nice software… very useful :wink:

I use a combo or Recycle, Fission and Snapper. Recycle is great for auto chopping, Snapper is super quick and easy for everything straight from finder. I use Fission less and less.

I highly recommend Snapper if you regularly edit a lot of samples.

Audacity is cool and free

Twisted wave works great for me.

For windows :

For Mac : the best option is Amadeus Pro
you can put markets and then bounce WAV’s according the markers you have made.
The only problem i face now is that I cannot find a proper player (finder) to organize my library.
I tried:

But the interface is not useful like hell.

Have fun.