Product registration (is open again!)



Does anyone know when we can expect to be able to register a new product again? Registration is “closed due to maintenance until january 2019”, but it’s still not reopened as of today. I don’t know if it’s a big deal not to register a device, but I’d rather get it off my to-do list.



I received an email from Elektron, 3 days ago, saying it would be back up and running in a week or 2.


I checked again this morning but not available yet.
Hopefully soon.


It s been mentioned elsewhere that they re working on a website overhaul. Also their webshop is closed.


Dont think i have registered any of my boxes…should you?


I recommend doing so to streamline support tickets.


just noticed that Product Registration is open again now. Thought i’d flag it as I’ve seen a few mention it of late


Registered my Digitakt and RYTM this morning.
@TheFutureThoughtTapestries - I’ve deregistered the Octatrack for you.


I’ve got to do my two when I get home from work. Are the Serial Numbers listed on the boxes anywhere, or just the units themselves?


Yes, serials are on the barcode sticker on the outside of the box and underneath the actual units.




Cheers Bud!

Much appreciated!