Producer with a large backlog of electronic/ambient music on hand. Good way to start shopping it around?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been in the music scene for a minute, and working on ambient and electronic music for about four years now. I’ve never released any of it because it’s mostly for my own enjoyment, though while playing games like Fez/Inside I’ve noticed a lot of similarity to my pieces. I’d say most of it has a similar vibe to some of Aphex Twin or Autechre’s more mellow stuff. It would make great incidental music.

That said - it might be fun to shop it around, since i’d like my work to do something other than sit unheard in my studio. I’m always working on new pieces as well, and would be open to collaborating.

Any tips on where to start with this? I’m in the process of building a website/portfolio where I can host clips of the 20 or so tracks I currently have. I also might start reaching out to a few developers, though I don’t know if that’s a little gauche or a waste of time. Thoughts?

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Cool! Going to digest advice in the above thread!

It doesn’t hurt to try… although I would imagine any results to take quite some time. Indies might have stuff all lined up. I think your best bet for cold calling would probably be an indie publishers like devolver who likely deal with enough small studio that they could help hook you up with a team in need. That or start hitting up game dev reddit with offerings… that sort of stuff could be pretty hit or miss, projects never actually seeing the light of day or just not getting traction on release or just being a bad game. The route I have gone mostly is bandcamp, and promote stuff on insta, from that I got into the Classic Tetris World Championship music compilation with a small label, an upcoming gig in a club in SF and an amount of sales that makes me at least feel appreciated. I think the biggest thing is it takes time to build up momentum, just keep plugging away and actively try to be a part of the community build connections yadda yadda yadda.

My two cents; unless u just happy self publishing you will need to do a minimum of self promotion to be taken seriously so create a soundcloud and a FB artist page and keep them updated. Make a list of labels you think are a good fit and try and find the name of the contact you are trying to reach, avoid generic emails, short Bio about yourself as an artist and a links to social media and to private soundclound links for your tracks. Good luck! :+1:

get it on bandcamp for sale and then start posting links around… places like reddit’s music subreddits and other forums.

There is no try. Just do it, Luke!