Problem with Digitatk MIDI sequencing VST and HARDWARE SYNTH



I recently started playing around with sequencing VST’S with my digitatk via overbridge+ableton but I’ve run into a wall when I try sequencing my Korg Minilogue on another midi track in the digitatk. I have my digitatk on channel 3 on MIDI track B. When I press down the button I can hear the note play on my Korg. But when I start to add notes to my pattern and press play on my sequence none of those are being sent to digitatk. My digitatk is sending midi to the VST when playing the sequence. The VST is on channel 1. I’ve sequence my Korg alone with no VST or ableton plugged in and it works fine. I feel like my digitatk is not able to sequence the VST and the Korg at the same time. The VST and KORG are on separate channels and midi tracks. (

Sometimes the VST won’t receive notes from digitatk when I’m playing the sequence while the KORG does. This is very strange. It’s either one or the other.
This is only happening when I press play. I can trigger the VST and digitatk by just pressing down on their respective midi track trigger. it is only in the sequence that I can hear only one.


If the track has sound when you hit the triggers but not when you play the sequence, the likely culprit is tracks are muted.


Man, my digitakt has been acting weird when sequencing my hw synths too . But just lately it was fine some time ago


It works fine for me, as suggested above are you sure both Pattern and global Mutes are off?

Also have you got monitor on for the track you are sending to. not sure what it’s called in live but generally a track only responds to midi if it’s selected and there is usually a monitor button which overrides this behaviour which you need to enable.

If not muted, I would assume you have a routing issue in ableton

Edit : also if you are using Overbridge don’t use the plugin midi output, it doesn’t work. You need to use the hardware usb input.