Price for SPS1- MK1?


Hey Elektronauts.
I’m about to buy a used Machinedrum SPS1- mk1 (non UW)
It’s in a near mint condition.
Me and the guy that wants to sell it to me are not sure about the price.
I would like to hear your guys Opinions, have a nice evening everyone :slight_smile:


personally i’d say

mk1 - £450 - £500
mk2 - £550 - £600
Mk2 UW - £700 - £800 , most recent , immaculate condition.


Near mint condition? I don’t believe or it must be an MD which is barely used and boxed for years in storage! Bought mine 7 years ago for 350 euros! Be ready for at least some skipping value or wobbly loose encoder(s), rotary encoder skipping, and noisy adapter! I certainly would not give more then 500 euros if you really want the MD and it’s in the condition you describe, would rather search for the mk2 with +drive or the UW version from someone you can trust and test the machine!


Mines only 3 years old and has a skipping rotary encoder. I still love my baby though. I’ve been seeing a lot of MK2s on Craigslist lately around $650 in good condition. MK1 should be less.


It depends on how you use your encoders, if you do a lot of push turn I feel they will wear out rapidly! Rotary encoders tend to skip pretty fast, my dx200 also!


My UW MK2, bought new 2009, has been an absolute trooper re: encoders, and I use push turn a lot.
Only complaint is that Elvis has never appeared on it.
I also have a much newer UW mk2 with + drive, on which the encoders don’t feel as smooth or accurate.

I think its kind of “pot” luck (pun intended). Obviously test if possible, but I suspect age & use isn’t always the determining factor.

Here in oz, maybe $600-$700 the price for a mk1 without UW.


Double UW’s.

nice :sunglasses:


Ha… yeah not by direct intention. talked a friend into buying one, he regretted the decision so I bought off him to prove its worth :wink: Classic enough to own two, especially now they have their own special access to conditional trigs, individual track multipliers and some other clever stuff not on the other elektrons.


totally. I’d own 2 if I could :slight_smile: