Prg change from DT to Analog Heat and H9

My DT is automaticaly sending (to Heat and H9) prg 1 on pattern 1, prg 2 on pattern 2, prg 3 on pattern 3 etc, even when I write in prog 1 for every pattern on the SRC page.
I have setup midi ch 16 to be my prg change channel.
I have tryed to put in just a blank trig on step 1. Dosn´t help

I also have midi channel 9 sending both midinotes and program change to an external JP-08 synt. It recieves prg shange fine on every pattern.

Hope I made a clear description of my issue :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help from out there.

Disable program change send in the project menu of the digitakt. Pc will still send on midi tracks but it will stop the first behavior you describe.

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what a precise answer.
worked perfect.

cant thank you enough :slight_smile:

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I want midi channel 16 to keep sending prg 1 on pattern 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. and not sending the program that has the same number as the pattern.
I would like my Heat and H9 to stay on the same program on every pattern.