Pressing trig 12 lights up G button


The title pretty much sums it up. When I press trig key 12, the G button lights up. Is that supposed to happen?

EDIT: Ok wait, It does that on all the even number trigs. Perhaps some could enlighten me.


That means you have swing trigs there, it’s actually standard default placement for swing so I’d leave them be.

Function+C/G enters swing menu. Without entering the menu the G/C button lights up when holding a trig if a swing trig is there and you can add/remove them without entering the menu by holding the trig and pressing the G/C button.

The other bank buttons and lights behave the same for trig mutes, slide, and accent…


Thank you.


Also Trig + G will add/remove swing trigs from a track. Same can be done with the sub menus of each banks functions, Adding Trig Mutes, Slide Trigs, Etc.


I had a trig on trig 1 using DVCO on another track, that’s what was causing the sound. I’m finally getting to a point where I have a deeper understanding of this device. Thanks for your advice!